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Tri-Oxy® FRESH 220-240V

5.50 LBS

Tri-Oxy FRESH 220-240 volt Water Ozonator (CLOSE-OUT)

This product has been discontinued. Shop Tri-Oxy FRESH 110V here.

International customers may use this Tri-Oxy® FRESH  220-240 volt water ozonator to generate purified water that is excellent for purposes such as drinking, washing hands, cleaning, and rinsing food.  Ozone is an activated state of oxygen that is made up of three oxygen atoms, rather than two.  It breaks down pollutants into less harmful and more simple molecules. The FRESH is a high quality, long lasting, hand-held device that uses high frequency and voltage to produce energy and attach oxygen molecules together to result in ozone. 

The Functions and Benefits of Ozonated Water

 Tri-Oxy FRESH and Bio Disc together enhance hydration with structured and ozonated water

Ozonated water fights bacteria and boosts oxygen levels. Consuming ozonated water on a regular basis has shown to increase oxygen in the body, further enhancing a person's health. Ozonated water also kills microbes in the bloodstream to boost the immune system. 

An optimum oxygen level is necessary to maintain the body's elimination process, which makes it vital to human health. With enough oxygen, the body can more easily use nutrients it takes in from food and supplements. 

You may use the FRESH to make purified drinking water, or water that can safely and effectively clean hands and food. The shelf life of produce can be greatly extended when used with ozonated water.  To add even further benefits, try using the FRESH with the Quantum Science Bio Disc 2 Scalar Energy.

Operation and Safety Precautions

The Tri-Oxy FRESH comes with a user manual that shows how to properly and safely operate the machine, as well as troubleshoot any issues. Basic operation of the device includes connecting the unit to a power source, pressing the power button, and choosing an operation time with the "+" and "-" keys. For safety reasons, it is important that you leave any non-ventilated room while the machine is in use. Ozone will no longer produce after the timer hits zero.  

Please be aware that this unit should not be used in a high temperature environment that contains high humidity or oil content. The ozone effect can be diminished when the machine is used in these kinds of environments.

View the manual for the Tri-Oxy Fresh online here.