Check out a variety of podcasts and their corresponding transcripts below to learn more about Eileen's healthy journey and products.

Eileen Durfee Spoke on the Connection Between Spinal Fitness and Hormones with Dr. Kyrin Dunston

Eileen Durfee talk about connection between spinal fitness and hormones in podcast with Dr. Kyrin Dunston.

Eileen Durfee Spoke Importance of Spinal Health and S-Shaped Curve at the Doctor Dads Podcast

Eileen Durfee talk about focusing on the importance of spinal health as well as Creatrix Solutions products at the Doctor Dads Podcast.

Eileen Durfee talks about achieving the S-Shape Curve at the Dr. Abs Healthcast

Eileen Durfee spoke on the Dr. Abs Healthcast about her journey to find optimal health, as well as the importance of spinal fitness and clean skincare.

Eileen Durfee Talks about her Wellness Journey at the High Energy Women Podcast with Rachel Jennings

Eileen Durfee appears on the High Energy Women Podcast with Rachel Jennings, she shares her journey and tips on how to find balance and be your best self.

Eileen Durfee at the Awesome Health Podcast with Wade Lightheart (The Secret Power of Oxygen)

Eileen Durfee talked with Wade Lightheart of Awesome Health Podcast about the secret powers and benefits of ozonated water.

Eileen Durfee explains the technology in her wellness products with Dr. Stephanie Rimka

Eileen Durfee spoke with Dr. Stephanie Rimka to explain the effectiveness of her health products and how technology enables the user to get optimal benefits.

The Wonders of Ozonated Water at the Biohacking Superhuman Performance with Nat Niddam

Eileen Durfee talked with Nat Niddam about the benefits of ozonated water at the Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Talking about the No Stand Up Coffee Enema Fix at the Open Minded Healing Podcast with Marla Miller

Eileen Durfee joined Marla Miller in her podcast as she demonstrated how to properly do a coffee enema. They also talked about the benefits of this detoxifiction protocol.

How do we do an effective Coffee Enema? (at the Wellness by Design Podcast with Jane Hogan)

Eileen Durfee talked with Jane Hogan about the benefits of Coffee Enemas, how chemical toxicity can be overcome, and ways to make the experience easier for beginners on the Wellness By Design Podcast.

What is the S Shape Curve and How Do We Achieve it (at the Open Minded Healing Podcast)

Eileen Durfee talks about the S Shape curve and why athletes that have it are the strongest. She joined Marla Miller in her podcast as they discussed ways to relieve back pain and achieve better spinal fitness.

How to Improve Spinal Health and Getting Feedback on the Back Trac from Dr. Neal Stumpf

In this podcast, Eileen Durfee discusses spinal health with Dr. Neal Stumpf from Accident Wellness. Having worked with Dr. Scherger, they discussed topics surrounding the S Shape Curve and why it's important in building a healthy posture and back, why it helps relieve back pain, and why it's a concept hardly adapted by many.

Eileen Durfee and Rachel Smith host the Natural Health Rising podcast

Eileen Durfee appears on a recent episode of the Natural Health Rising Podcast to speak with Rachel Smith, the show's presenter, about her story of overcoming health challenges and becoming an entrepreneur and businessman.

Core Connections Podcast with Eileen Durfee and Erica Ziel

On the recent episode of the Core Connections podcast, Erica Ziel interviewed Eileen Durfee, a former nuclear power plant engineer, inventor and business owner that has 7 utility and 3 design patents, and asked questions about safely using ozonated water to boost oxygen in our bodies. They also discussed the benefits of mineral-rich Dead Sea toners and non-toxic fat-soluble tallow balms, lotions and deodorants. Eileen also presented her coffee enema stand-up, no-mess solution called the Enema Fix.

High Energy Girl Podcast with Eileen Durfee: Healing Gizmos

Eileen Durfee appears on the recent episode of High Energy Girl Podcast and shares with the host, Tracee Gluhaich, how she has been sick her entire life and how her journey to overcome her own health issues led her to become an inventor, businesswoman and founder of Creatrix Solutions LLC.

Restore Your Posture Through Spinal Fitness: Eileen Durfee on The Hacked Life Podcast

Eileen Durfee appears on the recent episode of the Hacked Life Podcast with Joel Evan and explains the science behind the "perfect posture," the S-shaped spine, and why many practitioners have it completely wrong. She invented some products such as the Neck Shaper, neck and back foam rollers, the Back Trac, and the Power Cushion that can help reverse many postural issues. The exercises she offers are simple and require very little time.

Eileen Durfee on Heal Nourish Grow Podcast with Cheryl McColgan

Eileen Durfee appears on the new episode of Heal Nourish Grow podcast and shares her journey of growing up with various physical ailments with Cheryl McColgan, the show's host. She explains that to help her recovery, she tried different medications, diets, therapies and more, but once she finally started eliminating environmental toxins, supplementing with the right minerals, and utilizing innovative solutions such as the Sauna Fix, the Breathe Safe and others, she started feeling better. You can, too!

Eileen Durfee on Living Life Naturally Podcast: How to Successfully Eliminate Toxins?

Eileen Durfee appears on a recent episode of Living Life Naturally with Lynne Wadsworth and shares her fascinating story of how she went from being in a very debilitating state of health to the vibrant, healthy person she is today. She talks about the miracle of ozone (how to safely use ozonated water to boost oxygen and make your food safe), sauna therapy in the Sauna Fix system (maximizing phototherapy, detoxification and weight loss), nourishing natural skincare, hair analysis, and much more.

Calm Is A Superpower: Eileen Durfee Talks About Spinal Fitness on the O'SHOW Podcast

Jack O'Hara and Darnell McDonald meet with the founder of Creatrix Solutions, Eileen Durfee, who happens to also be a former nuclear power plant engineer, home inspector, and most recently a business owner and inventor. She has been sick her entire life and suffered from multiple accidents but has found a way to complete recovery through the posture correcting foam rollers for back and neck pain, near infrared saunas, and other detox equipment.

CHI Podcast with Diane Kazer and Eileen Durfee: Health Hacks and Detox Stacks

In this episode of Cleanse Heal Ignite (CHI) podcast, Eileen Durfee and Diane Kazer talk about the most important Health Hacks and Detox Stacks you probably didn't know you needed. In this informative episode, everything you need to know about health is discussed, from Sauna Therapy and Hot Yoga to Coffee Enemas.

Eileen Durfee Talks About Spinal Fitness on Diane Kazer's Podcast

Is there a way to reverse your forward posture that has been causing back and neck pain for years and get rid of the "text neck"? Find out what the Back Trac, the Neck Shaper, the Back Shaper and other amazing products from Eileen Durfee's Spinal Fitness product line can do for you on the recent episode of Diane Kazer's podcast.

Host of Cleanse Heal Ignite Podcast Diane Kazer Talks With Eileen Durfee About Ozone Therapy

Eileen Durfee meets with Diane Kazer on the recent episode of Cleanse Heal Ignite Podcast to explain how she went from being sick and allergic to everything to feeling better now than she did in her 20's. Spoiler alert: she discovered and successfully used ozone therapy, negative ions, coffee enemas, dry brushing and other bio hacks stacked on top of each other.

Eileen Durfee Explains the Benefits of the Sauna Fix on the Recent Podcast with Dr Stephanie Rimka

Eileen Durfee talks with Dr Stephanie Rimka of Brain and Body Solutions on the recent episode of her podcast about the benefits of the Sauna Fix Near Infrared Sauna system, as well as about the evolution of the radiant insulated sauna tent, the Breathe Safe air purifier and negative ion booster, the Spinal Fitness movement, and many other products and developments.

The Benefits of Coffee Enemas: Eileen Durfee on A Natural Shift Podcast

Eileen Durfee discusses the benefits of coffee enemas with the host of A Natural Shift Podcast, Kari Coody, which include detoxification, pain relief, higher mental clarity, better mood, elimination of parasites and candida, improved hydration, smoother skin and much more. Find out how else you can benefit from coffee enemas and which gadgets (such as the stand-up no-mess Enema Fix solution) can be used to start doing them on a daily basis.

Whole Health Podcast with Eileen Durfee: Nuclear Energy, Clean Air & Healthy Lifestyle

Eileen Durfee, a former nuclear power plant engineer, inspector, auditor and real estate developer, joins Rob Carney on The Whole Health with Rob Carney Podcast to discuss how she became sick due to chemical exposure and suffered from chronic pain, allergies, hypothyroidism, and such. She tried a variety of medications, diets and therapies to recover her health and finally discovered what solutions worked. She now has 7 utility and 3 design patents and distributes natural healing products worldwide.

Eileen Durfee on Myers Detox Podcast: Dangers & Benefits of Ozonated Water

Eileen Durfee joins the latest episode of Myers Detox Podcast to talk with the host of the show, Wendy Myers, about the dangers and the benefits of using ozonated water both your body and your home. She explains how drinking ozonated water increases your body’s oxygen levels, how to use ozone with your pets, and so much more.

Eileen Durfee Talks About Efficient Ways to Detox on Dirobi Podcast

Eileen Durfee became really sick in 1983 and then started doing all kinds of different cleanses and detox protocols, and by 2000 she was able to manage her symptoms without medications. But in 2011 she took a step further and quit chasing symptoms with natural substances and started working on the root causes and finding efficient ways to completely detox her body.

Why You Should Avoid High PUFA Skincare: Eileen Durfee on Myers Detox Podcast

Eileen Durfee talks to the host of Myers Detox Podcast, Wendy Myers, about the best natural skincare, problems with typical skincare, skincare products that age you and put stress on your body instead of nourishing it, and why you should avoid high PUFA skincare products.

Eileen Durfee on Myers Detox Podcast: Easy Coffee Enemas and the Science Behind Them

Eileen Durfee joins Wendy Myers for the Myers Detox Podcast to discuss the advantages of coffee enemas and why they should be incorporated into your daily routine.

Eileen Durfee on Myers Detox Podcast Talked About The Neck Shaper

Eileen Durfee discusses the true cause of back and neck pain, which two exercises you should never perform, and much more in this episode of Myers Detox Podcast.

Air Filter Do’s and Don’ts with Eileen Durfee on MyersDetox Podcast

Eileen Durfee discusses heavy metal toxicity, chemicals, detoxing your body and detox tools, supplements and just general overall health in this episode of Myers Detox Podcast.

How to Do A Liver/Gallbladder Flush - Tips & Tricks with Eileen Durfee

Is there really a natural way to make the liver or gallbladder to spasm and expel stones? Eileen Durfee talks with Wendy Myers about proper ways of doing a liver / gallbladder flush.