Sauna Fix Bundles

Spend less money and time with a combination of the Sauna Fix and a radiant sauna tent!

The Sauna Fix light fixture generates a mix of red light, near infrared light, and mid infrared light. Both red and near infrared light have superior benefits compared to far infrared light, due to their biological response to cells in the body. In contrast, far infrared only heats the water molecules up to result in heat stress.

The radiant tents offer the most powerful sauna therapy achievable while they trap and retain the healing frequencies inside the enclosures. The beneficial near infrared rays produced by the Sauna Fix continually bombard the body for optimal healing inside the tent.

No preheat is needed when you use one of these radiant tents, so you can save both time and electricity. Each tent retains 95% of sauna heat, holds an "A" fire safety rating, and is easy to zip up. The tent panels are made from layers of nontoxic wood grain film, space blanket, large diameter bubble wrap, space blanket, and nontoxic film.

Near infrared sauna therapy offers the exclusive benefit of blood shunting, which helps double circulation effects. Blood shunting takes place when the side of the body facing the light heats up, and shunts blood toward the skin surface as a response to the heat. The tissues then engorge with blood, and release water from the blood stream to cool down and produce sweat. The body is forced to redirect blood shunting back and forth while rotating side to side in a near infrared sauna. This rotation action also helps the skin avoid burns.

The two available sauna bundles each have a different type of radiant tent. Choose the one that best suits your lifestyle:

  1. Select your preferred sauna method with the Convertible Radiant Sauna Tent design in the Portable Sauna Bundle that allows for three (3) different sauna positions: sitting, standing, or lying down.
  2. Work out or share the sauna enclosure with the exceptionally bigger Hot Yoga Exercise Sauna Tent of the Home Hot Yoga Bundle. This enclosure is spacious enough to exercise, and comes with an easy-to-hang partition that can separate it into two individual NIR sauna chambers, so two people can sauna simultaneously. A second radiant tent panel insert drops the ceiling to the perfect height for a sit-down sauna.

It is not possible to create a sauna that generates zero EMF, simply because anything connected to power will produce some amount of EMF. However, we have taken precaution to guarantee our customers are safe and satisfied with their sauna system. The sauna has been thoroughly tested, and the results demonstrate its safety. Please take a look through the testing results. There is no other sauna competitor with the same third party testing to back up the safety of their products. Furthermore, there is no aluminum in the light fixture's sockets.

Hear From Jenn Bodnar of Yoga Digest about Our Sauna

Eileen Durfee, owner and founder of Creatrix Solutions, teams up with Jenn Bodnar from Yoga Digest to explain the benefits of Sauna Fix Near Infrared Sauna.

New Features!

New and improved look! Each tent comes in a golden wood grain exterior with chocolate brown trim. This is an improved aesthetic from the original silver 2015 Sauna Fix.

Additional features: Bamboo mats are included with the Portable Sauna Bundle and feature radiant material backing.

No other near infrared sauna system available can offer this kind of portable, medical grade, non-toxic, accessory-inclusive, energy efficient, and low EMF sauna at such an affordable cost.

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