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Near Infrared Saunas

 The Sauna Fix - the highest quality and most affordable near infrared sauna in the market!

Boost the efficiency of your fitness and detox efforts with the Sauna Fix Near Infrared Sauna system! The Sauna Fix lamp generates red light, near infrared light, and mid infrared light therapy. Red and near infrared light biologically respond to the body's cells. This differs from far infrared light, which simply produces heat stress by heating the body's water molecules. The Sauna Fix NIR sauna lamp makes a highly effective, low-EMF, lightweight, and ultra portable indoor sauna that does the following with every sauna session:

  • maximizes NIR sauna therapy benefits
  • speeds detoxification
  • relaxes the nervous system
  • improves blood flow
  • supports muscle recovery
  • relieves muscle stiffness
  • reduces joint pain 

There are many other wonderful benefits you'll gain from using the Sauna Fix system. 

Save energy! It helps you conserve energy by keeping 95% of sauna heat inside the tent, while also re-bombarding your body with optimal levels of healing near infrared light.  

Blood shunting! Near infrared sauna therapy is the exclusive method to experience blood shunting, an additional sauna benefit that doubles circulation effects. Blood shunting occurs when the side of the body under the lamp heats up, and the body shunts blood in the direction of the skin surface in response. The body's tissues become engorged with blood, and release water from the blood stream to help it cool, which generates sweat. Only near infrared sauna therapy encourages the user to constantly rotate from side to side, and therefore force the body to redirect the blood shunting back and forth. This consistent rotation also helps to avoid the skin from burning. 

Most effective healing! Use the Sauna Fix near infrared lamp with one of the available radiant tents to  fully benefit from therapeutic effects of near infrared light and heat stress exposure.  The panels of the tent are made from the following layers:  nontoxic wood grain film, space blanket, large diameter bubble wrap, space blanket, and nontoxic film. Each tent powerfully retains the healing rays all inside the enclosure without escaping outside. 

Save time and money! Combining the Sauna Fix with a radiant tent removes the need to preheat, not to mention saves on construction costs.  The Sauna Fix NIR portable tent sauna assembly requires no tools, no contractors, and no hassle. 

Safety guaranteed! The Sauna Fix fixture, radiant sauna tents, and all sauna accessories are CE and RoHS certified and lab tested to ensure user safety. Due to the highest medical-grade quality of all our products, the Sauna Fix lamp and radiant sauna tents do not outgas any toxic metals or harmful chemicals while being used. It is, unfortunately, not possible for a sauna to emit no EMF at all, due to the fact that anything with a power source must produce some amount of EMF. Please rest assured that we have taken all precautions to ensure that customers have as safe an experience as possible. Our test results prove the safety of the Sauna Fix system; something that no other sauna competitors provide.  There also is no aluminum in the sockets of the light fixture. 

The purchase of any sauna or bundle with a 110 volt sauna includes four Sauna Fix bulbs, while other voltage saunas will receive four Therabulbs shipped separately. 

Invest in the most effective sauna system to elevate your fitness, detox, and wellness journey! View all available sauna products, including the lamps, tents, bundles, and more, below. 


Near Infrared Saunas

  • Creatrix Solutions

    Portable Near Infrared Sauna Lamp and Tent

    Portable Sauna Bundle Convertible Tent ships separately on or before February 15th.  Order now to get the best deal on today's prices and enjoy your sauna right away.  The sauna can still be used before the tent arrives, and you will...

    $2,500.00 $2,299.99
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  • Creatrix Solutions

    Convertible Radiant Sauna Tent

    Convertible Radiant Sauna Tent Limited quantity. Ships on or before February 15th. Order now to get the best deal before prices increase.  Sauna therapy is more versatile than ever with the all-new Sauna Fix Convertible Radiant Sauna Tent...

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  • Creatrix Solutions

    Home Near Infrared Sauna Hot Yoga Studio

    Home Hot Yoga Bundle  Near infrared sauna therapy becomes even more beneficial when paired with exercise!  The hot yoga tent is super spacious, so that you can perform hot yoga (or other exercise of your choice), while also reaping...

    $2,800.00 $2,599.99
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  • Creatrix Solutions

    Hot Yoga and Exercise Radiant Sauna Tent

    Hot Yoga and Exercise Radiant Sauna Tent Increase your sauna size and enhance your detoxification with this enlarged radiant sauna tent. This is the ideal tent to use if you want to combine hot yoga, bicycling, or walking or running on the treadmill...

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  • Creatrix Solutions

    Organic Sauna Hat

    Organic Sauna Hat Increase body temperature faster, while protecting your hair from near infrared sauna heat! Cover your head and/or hair with the Organic Sauna Hat made from organic bamboo cotton fleece. The use of hat slows down thermal heat loss...

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  • Creatrix Solutions

    Sauna Fix Near Infrared sauna lamp

    Sauna Fix Near Infrared sauna therapy lamp The Sauna Fix near infrared (NIR) sauna lamp is the perfect at-home solution for powerful near infrared light therapy benefits.  The Sauna Fix NIR lamp can easily convert a shower into a sauna, or hang...

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