Setting up the Enema Fix Kit ft. Eileen Durfee

Eileen Durfee: Hi, my name is Eileen Durfee, former nuclear power plant engineer, auditor, trainer, real estate developer and nonprofit corporation manager. And I turned my hobby into a business creating gizmos and gadgets that help us achieve optimal health and to detoxify the poisons from the world we live in. And this is the standup, no mess, coffee enema fix.

It was hard for people to lay down, and then to hold the fluid and then to get up. A lot of people's backs and knees wouldn't tolerate that. And even if they could be flexible enough to lay down, you know, it takes a while to have bowel control. So, it's messy. A lot of people couldn't afford a Colema Board to be able to lay down. So, I have an Enema Pump Bottle that is for travel with a short draw straw that fits this bottle. Now you see that there is a beveled taper. The beveled taper is what goes on the bottom of the container so that it can draw a fluid. So just make sure to put that straight and in the pump. And it comes with one of these glass jars, 32 ounces.

So, if you're going to use this pump bottle, this is a finger hole here so that way you pump. One of the common questions is, you know they can't get, you know the pump to work. So, you have to hold on here and it's like a shampoo bottle that you'd have to unscrew, putting your thumb on holding that piece and unscrew something that pops up. So that's really simple, as long as you can get your finger in there to hold this piece here. Otherwise, it will just turn and turn and turn and you'll think I've turned it 20 times and it won't pop up. It does pop up.

So basically, a lot of people want glass even though this is FDA-approved BPA free plastic. I went ahead and created an adapter. So, this adapter has a silicone FDA-approved seal right here. So, make sure you haven't lost that. And then I utilize spring water, you know, purified spring water in here. And then I just brew coffee. My favorite way to brew coffee is with the percolator and I like medium to dark roast coffee. People ask me all the time what kind of coffee should I use. And so, I don't recommend the light roast, like the Gerson method does because if you do daily coffee enemas, literally your skin will turn green.

There's plenty enough caffeine and palmitic acid in the medium to dark roast to do the job. Just brew up your coffee. Any method will work. You can boil it, you can use a regular coffeemaker. Just any kind of coffee, but I recommend you get organic. And also this day and age, almost every town has a coffee roaster. You can literally find somebody who gets the green beans, and then roast some and they can roast them for you and you can pick them up the next day. You can get the freshest roasted coffee out there. So, you don't have to worry about molds and mycotoxins and all these other things.

There's a lot of other coffees out there that are grown in the shade, that are free of all this stuff, but they also brag that it’s low acid. For a coffee enema to work, you need that palmitic acid. So don't go with the low acid. So basically, if you're sensitive to caffeine, that's about all the coffee that you would put in your water. Always put cool water first because hot water like grandma always taught me in canning is going to crack the jar. This is not a coffee mug. Always put room temperature or cold water and then the coffee. If you're more advanced and you can handle that caffeine. You can maybe put about that much in there.

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