Structured Water

Improve the Quality of Your Drinking Water with the Bio Disc 2!

The scalar bio energy disc offered by Creatrix Solutions improves the taste of liquids, enhances the frequencies of the drinking water, balances the yin’ and yang’, and extends life of vegetables, fruits, and meats. In addition to that, it offers numerous health benefits including improved sleep, increased blood oxygen levels, pain relief, cell rejuvenation, increased energy levels, and enhanced immune system. Consuming ozonated water in conjunction with the use of the Bio Disc 2 will enrich your body with even more oxygen, as well as help eliminate toxins. Try our Tri-Oxy FRESH to get sufficient amounts of ozonated water in the comfort of the your home!

How Bio Disc 2 Alters the Structure of Your Drinking Water

It is highly recommended to drink spring water since it contains numerous vital minerals and has natural energetic properties. Carbon-filtered water is the next best thing to drink, especially if you use the Bio Disc 2 to help it gain the energetic properties your body craves so much. This amazing item spins liquid molecules counter clockwise and thus transfers energy. All you need to do is pour spring or carbon-filtered water over the Bio Disc 2 and into a glass before drinking. Alternatively, put the glass or cup with your drink on top of the Bio Disc 2 for a few minutes before consuming it. When you do that, the water picks up the generated resonance, which is similar to what is naturally found around many of the world’s healing spring waters.

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