Testimonial - Tyson Ross, Major League Baseball Player

The spinal fitness program was great. I've been a big guy. Flexibility has never been my strong suit. But I never really understood why. After doing some of the exercises using the Neck Shaper, using the rolls and everything, my body's in better alignment than it ever has been. My flexibility has improved. I'm able to do what I want to do without having those aches and pains. Using the power cushion, it really isolates the obliques and gets that traction on your spine and make sure everything's in alignment.

It's a really powerful tool for use in the sit-ups, the pelvic tilts, and even just stretching out over it. The design of it is ergonomic and it really has your body in the perfect position to execute those exercises and really make an impact.

Using the Power Cushion really puts my hips in a better position. I used to have tight hamstrings all the time and now that I’m getting that lower back curve, getting the right curves in my body, in my spine, that tension in my legs and hamstrings specifically has kind of melted away and they're able to do their job functionally.

Creatrix Solutions offers plenty of great products for wellness. Check out the hair analysis if you're looking to break a sweat get the sauna tent and the spinal fitness will have everyone moving and feeling great.