Affiliate Program

Creatrix Solutions LLC Company Brand Affiliate Program

Creatrix Solutions LLC was established by founder Eileen L. Durfee to create innovative health products and is connecting with like-minded Physicians, Practitioners and natural product promoters.

The Company Affiliate program utilizes tracking software to pay commissions to approved Affiliates. Physicians, Practitioners, natural health bloggers and product promoters are encouraged to make application and submit their business license with the signed membership agreement, and W-9 Form.

Founder Eileen Durfee is constantly seeking and conceptualizing new designs for products that solve health challenges or provide more efficient ways to detoxify and enhance the average lifestyle. Creatrix Solutions LLC strives to not only develop prototypes and patent them, but to bring unique products to market selling at the retail and wholesale levels.

The Company’s detoxification products enhance and further improve one’s health. The newest and most exciting product is the Spinal Power Cushion. Proper spinal curvature not only reduces back pain but has been linked to better health overall. The Tri-Oxy line and Breathe Safe provide water and air purification. Near infrared saunas are an excellent way to help eliminate toxins and enhance flexibility during exercise while enjoying the photo light therapy.

The US Patent and Trademark Office granted the Portable Radiant Exercise & Sauna Tent patent on July 3, 2018, giving Creatrix Solutions the competitive advantage for weight loss, Hot Yoga and Near Infrared therapy. An additional 8 patents are pending and the Breathe Safe Oxygen and Negative Ion generator patent should be granted soon.

Numerous life changing Breathe Safe product reviews have gained the attention of Dr. Desphande, who writes and performs multi-location FDA medical trials in the USA and India. Dr. Desphande utilizes a metabolic breathing device to measure the metabolism and has volunteered to perform a medical study on the Breathe Safe. Dr. Desphande specializes in sleep apnea and weight loss and wants to prove the efficacy of inhaling oxygen and ions from the Breathe safe. The breathing study could include asthma, allergies, other breathing disorders and some forms of sleep apnea.

The Company is moving full steam ahead and has a bright future to partner with like-minded Physicians, Practitioners and natural product promoters.