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Back Shaper 3.00" Hard Foam Roller

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Back Shaper 3.00" Hard Foam Roller

Back Shaper 3.00 Hard Creatrix SolutionsThis patented Back Shaper roll works as a posture corrector and foam roller. It's a yoga wheel that measures twelve (12) inches long with a groove for the spinous to float and supporting edges for the transverse process portion of the vertebrae. While lying over this spinal fitness lumbar roll, your tight muscles relax and vertebrae can shift into a more desirable location.  We recommend performing the Back-Twist exercise and lying over both properly sized yoga rollers (the Neck and Back Shaper) to passively encourage ideal curvature.  

The Back Shaper 3.00" diameter yoga roll is available in three (3) densities: Soft, Medium, and Hard. We recommend everyone start out with the soft density. There are several diameters available, including: 

To improve curvature of the spine an individual systematically increases the diameter and density of the back rollers. 

You can purchase a bundle with all the soft back cracking wheels at a discount, or you can purchase the Neck and Back Shaper Sizing kit to determine your starting point.

We recommend reading the directions on how to perform the Back-Twist and to immediately lay over the spinal fitness lumbar rolls.