Seven Surprising Mental Benefits of Hot Yoga

Seven Surprising Mental Benefits of Hot Yoga

Posted by Eileen Durfee on Jul 29th 2021

Right now, there are more than 6,000 yoga studios located throughout the United States. With so many to choose from, chances are that you've made your way into a hot yoga studio more than a few times in your life. It is now even possible to participate in hot yoga from the comfort of your own home for ultimate convenience and benefits.

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But here's the catch: you often hear about the many physical benefits from hot yoga, but what about the mental benefits? Here are seven surprising mental benefits of hot yoga!

1. Provides More Community

If you've never attended a hot yoga class, listen closely. Building a community with fellow yogis is one of the most supportive, compassionate things that you can do for your mental health. This is particularly true during these unprecedented times.

Whether are you are battling an illness or mental clutter, sweating it out on the mat will help you struggle, fail, thrive, and persevere together. In the end, your brain will have much more room for peaceful and positive emotions.

Many lessons and activities, including exercise classes, are going remote due to the current pandemic situation. It is wonderfully convenient to engage in yoga in the comfort of your own home but is even more beneficial for health and sanitary purposes. Toxic sanitizers used in public gyms and the close proximity to classmates who are also sweating can negatively impact the positive health effects of hot yoga.

The Home Near-Infrared Hot Yoga Studio is not only excellent to use for at-home hot yoga, but is also spacious enough to share your sauna experience with another person. Share the camaraderie with a friend or family member for a mood boost while taking in the healing physical benefits.

2. Boosts Blood Flow to Brain

Because hot yoga increases blood flow and oxygen, it can also improve your circulatory system. This explains why every sequence in your heart yoga routine is meant to provide a flow of fresh oxygen and blood throughout your entire body.

Here's how it works:

As a form of "extension and compression," we're basically "tourniquet-ing" the blood supply of our different glands and organs. After holding the same position, the oxygenated blood rushes through your system, replenishing it.

And here's the kicker: once your brain gets enough oxygen, your overall mental functioning will improve. You might even notice better balance and improved cognitive functioning when you finish breaking a sweat in your next hot yoga session.

Take advantage of the oxygen boost by adding the Breathe Safe as the Sauna Ion Generator into your hot yoga exercise with the sauna tent. You can increase your body's oxygen levels by 70-118% with the beneficial plasma and negative ions this device emits.

3. Helps to Control Breathing

Woman Controlling Her Breathing During Yoga

Regulating your breathing is a key component of your hot yoga practice. As long as you continue to breathe deeply, you'll see for yourself how much your lungs strengthen over time. But what does this have to do with your mind?

Surprisingly enough, keeping calm and maintaining a solid breathing pattern can change your:

  • Rate of breathing
  • Depth of breathing
  • Pattern of breathing

The result is this: we can actually change the messages that we send from our respiratory systems to our brains. Through this mind-body connection, we can improve our lung functioning, which purifies our blood and our bodies.

4. Increases Mental Focus

Not everyone feels like the best version of themselves when they are just starting hot yoga. However, by the time they're done, the non-stop chattering in their heads is usually erased thanks to the humid climate.

Instead, your body will have to focus on simply existing and breathing as you move through the many poses of hot yoga. In addition to this, another bonus is that your mental focus will increase during daily life too.

5. Decreases Stress

When you begin hot yoga, you might notice the amount of cortisol and sweat that gets released into the atmosphere. Since cortisol is tied to stress, the weight of the world may melt off of your shoulders after spending an hour in a heated room.

Keep in mind that there are certain health benefits to cortisol, such as getting through triggering situations. Contrarily, though, too much of it is not a good thing for your body.

That's because excessive cortisol can lead to:

  • Impaired ability to learn and memorize
  • Reduced immune functioning
  • Increased blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Significant weight gain
  • Increased chance of depression

On the other hand, hot yoga can encourage you to manage your stress in a more mellow way. As a result, the likeliness of these side effects happening to you reduces virtually overnight. After a few weeks of practice, you should feel more focused and energetic.

Feeling stressed out? If yes, practicing hot yoga at home with your near infrared sauna can decrease stress within minutes.

6. Improves Sleep

Still curious about the mental benefits of hot yoga?

Naturally, getting a full night's sleep recharges your energy to face the next day's challenges. So, if you're not getting enough shuteye, it's difficult to show up to school, work, or any other obligations feeling or looking like your best self. Fortunately for you, that's where hot yoga comes in.

Once you add hot yoga to your regular schedule, you can fall asleep much more quickly at night. Plus, getting your sweat on every evening might even regulate your sleep for more sound nights to come.

7. Builds Mental Endurance

Woman Practices Hot Yoga

When it comes to the mental benefits of hot yoga, our rule of thumb is simple. The more that you partake in hot yoga, the more you will start to enjoy additional hot yoga mental health benefits, like endurance. Since hot yoga will build your strength towards the heat and humidity, your brain will also learn how to get through hard times.

The best part about this skill is that can also be applied to other parts of your life as well. No matter if you're finding a renewed passion or getting through a project, hot yoga can rewire your brain to overcome mental obstacles.

Experience the Mental Benefits of Hot Yoga

Ready to experience the mental benefits of hot yoga? If yes, then we are here to help you out.

From providing a community to building endurance, there are countless benefits of breaking a sweat on your hot yoga mat.

Want to enhance the mental benefits of yoga in your home practice? Hint: a near-infrared sauna can help. Contact one of our representatives for a free estimate today!