Ten Surprising Benefits of Hot Yoga - Blog

Ten Surprising Benefits of Hot Yoga - Blog

Posted by Eileen Durfee on Feb 25th 2021

Ten Surprising Benefits of Hot Yoga for Addiction Recovery | Blog

Get this: 40% of all American adults eat healthier as a result of their yoga practice. Thanks to the many benefits of hot yoga, bending and stretching might help to reduce your addiction cravings too.

Woman Practicing Hot Yoga

Curious about the perks of hot yoga for addiction?

When it comes to hot yoga for addiction recovery, we've got you covered. As you may already know, hot yoga can be extremely helpful in promoting long-term sobriety for many people. Read on for 10 surprising benefits of hot yoga for addiction recovery!

1. Replace Fake Highs With Real Ones

One of the biggest benefits of hot yoga for addiction recovery is replacing unnatural highs with natural ones. In the past, you may have found escape in the following activities:

  • Eating too much
  • Drinking too much
  • Smoking too much

Honestly, this is a common way to fill the emptiness that caused your addiction in the first place. To correct this, we suggest that you start out by trying to meditate. This practice will help you draw inward and away from outside stimuli that detaches your senses.

2. Reduce the Risk of Overreacting

Another benefit of practicing hot yoga is reducing the risk of overreacting to small situations. This includes everything for massive mood shifts to borderline breakdowns. Once you add a regular practice of meditation and hot yoga to your life, your reactive nature may change for the better.

3. Provide Additional Community

Even if you don't decide to go the conventional route for recovery, finding a community with a hot yoga tribe may be the solution that you are seeking. That's because teacher training, classes, and workshops can help you build deeper connections to others in your life. Exercise classes have become remote during the current pandemic, but you can still find community with others while performing yoga at home. You will also avoid the sweat and toxins often found in public gyms and exercise spaces.

 Women Practicing Hot Yoga Together

In addition to this, linking up with like-minded people who have the same life, spirit, and health values can help to improve your road to recovery as well. Not to mention that exercising is an enormous mood booster too. Try inviting friends over to do yoga with you in our Hot Yoga & Exercise Tent.

4. Develop More Control of Mind

Because meditation is another form of yoga, strengthening your mind is like lifting weights for your biceps. It's like a mental strength training of sorts.

It can also help you to develop your prefrontal cortex. FYI: this is the part of your brain that makes responsible choices regarding drug and alcohol addiction.

When you release yourself from the prison of your mind, you will be able to steer your own ship like never before. Of course, you'll never know the benefits until you try!

5. Decrease Anxiety & Stress Issues

Here's the thing: practicing hot yoga may help to increase your control over anxiety and stress levels. Plus, it might even help you repair the nervous system.

For best results, try kundalini, as well as hot yoga, to deepen your spiritual practice. Combining the two practices may help you to work your glandular and nervous systems back into good health.

6. Helps You Adapt to Healthy Living

Without marijuana and alcohol to keep you company after work, you might have a difficult time filling in your free time in the evenings. Luckily for you, practicing hot yoga at home helps you to adapt to healthy living.

For starters, give your meditation pillow and yoga mat a chance at night. You might be surprised to see that you'll experience the same relaxing benefits as your previous chemical high. Rather than turning to old friends like pot, alcohol, and food for comfort, you may find like you don't even have cravings anymore once you step on your mat.

Even better, invest in a near-infrared sauna for maximum results!

7. Eliminates Annoying Insomnia

Man Sleeping

Let's face it - if you want to recover, you can't get away with using marijuana and alcohol to fall sleep anymore. To combat your annoying insomnia, try doing an intense set of hot yoga before bedtime. Crazily enough, this can help you to induce sleep and rest more soundly throughout the night.

If you don't know where to begin, here are a few hot yoga exercises to try:

  • Vinyasa flows
  • Guided meditations
  • Left nostril breathing

Next time you wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats, relax on your mat and give hot yoga a try. Hopefully, you'll fall asleep again in no time.

8. Improves Your Inner Determination

No matter if you're holding a hard position or keeping your arms over your head, hot yoga can work wonders in improving your determination.

Pro tip: this natural self-discipline carries over to your addiction recovery and treatment as well.

9. Provides Spiritual Teachers

Similar to providing community, hot yoga can also give you the spiritual teachers that you've been looking for.

Not only can they guide your path, but they can help you to make sense of your recovery journey as well. Besides, your hot yoga practice could introduce you to new texts and take you deeper into your sacred practice.

10. Shows You a New Perspective

At the end of the day, hot yoga for addiction recovery gives you a new perspective on life. By building community with others and replacing your previous bad habits, you'll be well on your way to recovery in no time. Practicing yoga remotely can be extremely beneficial, and we actually recommend that you participate in yoga at home, rather than in a public gym.

Looking to deepen your hot yoga practice at home? Try adding a near-infrared sauna to your routine! Performing yoga at home is not only convenient but especially beneficial to limit exposure to toxins and sweat from fellow yogis.

Give Hot Yoga a Shot

Ready to get hot yoga for addiction a shot? If that's the case, we encourage you to turn up the heat on your hot yoga for recovery practice by adding a near-infrared sauna to the mix.

Want to learn more about enhancing your practice with a near-infrared sauna? Don't hesitate to contact one of our experts now!