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Portable Poplar Sauna Stool

DISCONTINUED. Check out the new Bamboo Stool.
18.00 LBS

Sauna Poplar Wood Stool & Bag 

 Remaining stools are scratched and dented seconds. The price has been reduced to reflect the quality. Sales are final. No returns.

This Poplar sauna stool is made out of natural, untreated Poplar wood, and comes in three pieces for easy assembly. Although the stool was created to use with Sauna Fix near infrared saunas, it can just as easily provide comfortable seating with a traditional or far infrared sauna. 

Poplar is the ideal wood choice for a near infrared sauna stool since it does not contain or emit phenols. It is an excellent compliment to the non-toxic sauna radiant tent. 

The stool is easily assembled and disassembled. After a sauna session, you may choose to disassemble it and put it back in the bag, or leave it set up for your next sauna. 

The top and side of the stool seat are painted with non-toxic milk paint. This helps seal the wood and prevent sweat from raising the wood grain over time. 

The bottom of the seat and the supports are not painted, and remain in an unfinished condition. You can choose to paint them yourself in any color you wish.  Our recommendation is General Finishes water based milk paint, which is made in America, in the shade called Linen.

The stool is is made in America with imported and domestic materials. The seat is 14" in diameter and is 1 3/4" thick.  The legs are 1" thick, 17" wide, and the base is 14 3/8" wide. The stool's height is about 19".