How to Assemble the Sauna Fix Portable Tent in Sit Down Position by @BiohackerTodd

Todd: Hey guys, today I'm going to show you how to set up the portable near infrared sauna by Creatrix Solutions. So first I'll just unzip the bag and I’m going to pull out all the contents. First, we have the EMF blocking tent. I’m gonna sectionally put these to the side. Then, we have grounding mats, depending on if you're doing the lay down or the sit. And then here we have all the poles. Okay, so I have taken out the poles, and we have different ones, and they're labeled L for like length, we have W for width, and D, multiple Ds here are for depth. And the configuration is going to depend on if we're doing the lay down, or the sit-down/stand up style, which will do both. You have these longer ones here with E and these are what we use to hold the actual lamps.

So, with one configuration, you might use, you’ll be using one and with like the laydown, you’ll use both of these. And it also comes with an assortment of different light angles. And these are the corners. And again, it'll just depend on where we use these based off the setup of the sauna. So, in this video, I'm going to be showing you how to do the standup version. I already have the base setup here and what I have are the two Ls. I have the W here for width and W here for width. And then these are the Ls and then we have one of the T connectors, they're going to go through here and we have D2s. So, all the D2s are on the bottom, and the D1s are going to be the ones on top. And on this side, since we're doing the stand up, we're not going to have a T connector, it's just a straight one. So, we have a full entry on this side.

Now, the entire frame is setup. And remember, for the standup, you want to use the straight-line ones here for the top and the bottom. And on the one side, you're gonna have the T connector. So, this is going to be the entry once we turn this around. One thing you want to make sure you have. It will make the rest of the thing when you line them up is that all of the connectors in the holes, everything is facing inward into the tent. So, if you have it that way, everything's going to line up so that every, any circle or any of the holes in the poles. Everything is going to be connecting and interfacing on the inside. And now that I have everything connected, what I'm going to do is just pop this up because it's going to be standing up watching my fan like this.

So, this is the standup frame. Or like this. This is going to be the entry right here. But this is the whole frame setup. And then next, what we do is, we put it in the grounding mat, the panels and the light. So, this is the door and I have the cover set up here. I'm just putting everything on this little faster connection. This is how it's going to be. So, I have all the sides here except for the front setup. And I'll get all of this set up and again, this will be the front door for entry. It's also important to know that before you start zipping the panels together, make sure that you take all the velcro from the inside and attach those to the poles first.

So now we have the panels all set up and velcroed and this will be the corner right here, that's gonna go right here. And this is where I have chosen to put this one right here which is what's going to hold the lamp and the great thing is, you can have it here or you can set it here anywhere you'd like. And remember to have everything velcroed nice and tight before zipping everything in. And after this, all we have to do is, complete this wall, put in the grounding mat and then the lamps. So, for the grounding mat, currently I have it upside down and you're gonna get a quite a few extra of these. So, in case any of them break, you'll have extra. What we want to do is put them from here to here, here to here and here to here.

This allows the entire thing to stay grounded. And then what you do is, you have a grounding cord and I currently have the grounding cord connected right here. And you hook it up right there, and now this is actively grounded, and I'll turn it upside down and put this in the floor of the sauna.

Now I already have installed the mat. And you can see from right here, I have the grounding cord going in and it's connected to the wall. I also have just set in the bamboo stool, which is an accessory. To put in the lamp, it's really simple. This comes with it, you have the rope ratchet. I’ll just use one. And so, when you have the lamp setup, you take one end and you connect it here to keep it straight and the other goes in the back. And up here, you just take it and you loop it twice around. So, you have a balanced system. So now you can adjust this to however high or low you want this and you can be as close. So again, if you want to sit down in here, you can sit down or you can stand up. It's a very simple setup. And there you have it. Again, everything closes from the inside. And the outside here.