BiohackerTodd Demonstrates the Operation of Tri-Oxy Refresh Degasser

Speaker 1: Hey everybody today, I'm going to go over the creatrix solutions, the trioxide refresher and the gasser for the ozone, to have this you're going to need an ozone machine as well. Cause that's what, this is a nice addition to, so this is the creature solutions, ozone one. I have a video of how to use this and set this up as well. but if you purchase this, please look for the bundle because there's a discounted price. If you purchased both of these together, so I'm going to move this away. Cause we do not need this anymore. but this is the refresher. This is the box that it comes in. You can see, it's also very small and really simple to set up and I'm going to open the box here and show you everything that comes in here. And again, we have the blue cap, I've unscrewed it. You're going to have a steel mesh piece in here. And then you also have the gasser granules and this will need to be replaced. And you worked for my five to 10 years based off of how much you use it. We have a small tube and this is going to go in the bottom of the cat.

Speaker 1: And then we have the 50 to 60 micron. And then we have the 0.5 micron right here. So you're gonna have these two different choices to use. The 50 to 60 microns allows you to do what you need to do in about five minutes for a 32 ounce jar here. And then with the 0.5, it only takes two minutes and that's because it's basically makes stronger ozonated water and it has a smaller pores to it here. Okay And we put the box away as we're no longer going to need that.

Speaker 1: Now, when you do these, what other really nice, benefit to this specifically for using the 0.5 Is it actually elongates the lifespan of a generator because it makes stronger, it has smaller pores. So it's gonna have stronger, more ozone. And it also means that you don't need to use the machine as long as much. So again, it's going to last longer than you normally would have it. So I'm going to start, I've already filled this up with water. This is the glass jar that this will go on. But first I'm opening this up. You have a steel mesh right here, and this is where even to put the granules in, I'm just going to pour this into here And they will all fit in there. You just want to make sure it's flat. So it's almost all the way in Go. Now I have this all the way filled. I'm going to set this on top And tight. Now I take the smaller tube and it's been going here, shirts on there. Nice and tight. And again, so I already have water in here. I'm going to use the 50 to 60 Just for showing. And again, so I would hold this in

Speaker 1: For about five minutes. The other one that you would use is just for about two minutes, that's more than enough. So this is on the diffuser set up. It's going in And I screw this on really tight. There we go. And now I'm going to bring in the ozone generator And I take the top here and I place it right in here. Put on there. It's set. So I'm going to turn on the ozone generator For five minutes. There we go. So you can see it's running in this. It's going to ozonated as well as remove any of the additional ozones when you drink it, it's not going to irritate your lungs or your nasal cavities. You're inhaling it. So again, this, you can buy as a bundle. When you go to creature solutions website, you can get the, the actual ozone generator, and then you can get the refresher as a bundle at a discounted price. So this again means way it's running needs. About five minutes. Once it's done, I have this already set for five minutes with the timers on there, but for time's sake of the video, I'm going to go ahead and cut this off. It's already been about 40 seconds. So I turn this off. And if you have this generator or you've watched the other videos, you know that as soon as I turn this off,

Speaker 1: It's going to run to clean everything out. So it's actually picking everything out. It's pushing through. It's going to run for probably about 10 more seconds. Here we go. I can take this off And now to also make this last, I can either take this off and blow the air through this, or I can run the ozone again over here. where I right is what I tend to do just for a few seconds to remove any additional air that's in here. So it'll shoot through here and you can see it's actually pushing out some fluid. So just makes this last longer as well. So that'll run for about 15 seconds and definitely if you have used an ozonator before, you'll know the differences from smelling it, how less intense yet it still has the ozone in it. So there you go, guys, have a great day.