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ION Brite® Anion LED light bulb | 7 watt cool

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Air Purifiers
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Anion LED light bulb
7 watt

ION Brite Anion LED 7W Cool Light Bulb

The ION Brite bulb gives you more bang for your buck. This LED anion light bulb is not only mercury free, but it produces ions to purify the air. 

Laboratory test results demonstrate the ION Brite's efficiency in regards to air purification and sterilization. Each bulb produces 2,400,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter to neutralize harmful substances, such as E coli, found in the air. 

This 7-watt cool bulb is ideal to use in the kitchen or bathroom vanity lighting. It supplies 700-850 lumens of interior lighting for the home in a mild and cool tone. You'll also save electricity with the ION Brite with a life span of 30,000 hours. 


ION Brite Anion LED light bulbs carry a 90-day limited warranty provided: (a) you do not pull on the black carbon tip or (b) operate the bulb for longer than 10 hours at a time. Both actions will ruin the bulb's ion-generating circuit and void your warranty.