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Hot Yoga Sauna Bundle

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Hot Yoga & Exercise Radiant Sauna Tent

Hot Yoga Sauna Bundle

Save time and money when you enhance your health with the Sauna Fix near infrared system! Near infrared sauna therapy is easy, but an extremely effective method to eliminate toxins, and gain back the natural energy your body desires.

Detoxing with sauna therapy has many benefits! You will experience…

  • Better Sleep Quality
  • Energy Boost
  • Improved Circulation
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Less Joint Pain
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Relaxed Nervous System
  • Relieved Muscle Stiffness
  • Weight Loss

Near infrared therapy is invaluable when it comes to your health. It is a remedy that has been used by humans to heal their bodies for many years. Research demonstrates that red and near infrared light tremendously reduce pain, as well as elevate people's ability to function and be activate. Traditional saunas use light rays to heat the body from all angles, while near infrared involves you sitting, standing, or lying down, in front of the lamp, so that it only shines on one side of the body at a time. Side-to-side rotation during a sauna enables the body to shunt blood back and forth, which results in both sweat and amazing circulation effects. Near infrared therapy allows the body's core temperature to elevate and biologically respond to the light to decrease inflammation and pain. 

The radiant sauna tent requires no preheat, so you can save time and get in the sauna right away. The radiant material also results in extremely powerful therapy, as the healing heat rays remain in the enclosure and are bombarded all over the tent space.

This Hot Yoga & Exercise tent in particular provides ample space to partake in hot yoga, or another type of your preferred exercise. It is also roomy enough that you can share the sauna with another. Simply install the included partition to divide the tent camber into two separate areas, if you wish. 

This bundle comes with -

Two each of the following:

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Biohacker Todd Shipman practices Hot Yoga in the Hot Yoga & Exercise Tent

Many customers can attest to the wonderful effects of near infrared sauna therapy with the Sauna Fix and have recognized amazing healing developments. 

Here are the benefits you can expect with the Sauna Fix system:

  • Double the sweat in half the time: Take an intense, healing sauna faster than ever with the radiant sauna tent. The tent effectively retains 95% of the healing near infrared rays from the Sauna Fix.  The heat and light combine to help reduce pain and rid the body of toxins.
  • Save time: The radiant sauna tent wastes no time heating up, so you can begin your healing therapy right away with no preheat. You will also save time by not traveling back and forth to a gym or other location, not mention remove the risk of microbes and germs that accompany public saunas. 
  • Save money: There is not a more affordable or powerful sauna system on the market than Sauna Fix.
  • Blood shunting: No other kind of sauna provides the amazing benefit of blood shunting that you get with a near infrared sauna.  Blood shunting is a process that takes place when the side of the body in front of the light heats up more than the rest of the body, so blood is shunted to the skin's surface in response to the different temperatures. The tissues engorge with blood, before water is released from the blood stream in order to cool the body and produce sweat. Near infrared therapy encourages the side-to-side rotation, which allows the body to redirect blood shunting between its sides. To properly receive the blood shunting effects of the sauna, you should sit with one side of your body facing the lights for a few minutes, based on the distance from the light, before rotating to expose a different side to the light. The rotation effect also doubles the circulation benefits of the sauna, and helps prevent burns, should a person sit closer to the lights than recommended.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint: The packaging for the Sauna Fix is made of recyclable materials, and the sauna itself uses less energy and electricity compared to competitors' saunas. No required preheat with the radiant tent contributes to less energy needed to operate the sauna. 
  • Lose weight: Near infrared light combined with exercise provides a powerful weight loss solution.  Near infrared increases ATP (energy) in the cells, decreases fat cells, and contours the body. A Germany study showed drastic weight loss from the participants who bicycled for 45 minutes, three days a week for one month, while exposed to near infrared light. They saw over 444% fat and weight loss, and lost up to 8 centimeters in circumference. 

Four Sauna Fix bulbs are included with the purchase of bundles with 110 volt saunas shipped to a USA address. Take a look at the product test report for the bulbs by clicking here.  Saunas of any other voltage or Country come with a 240 volt bulbs.  

Why makes the Sauna Fix the best choice?

Other Sauna Systems…        

  • Waste time preheating: Most saunas have ¾ inch plywood, which takes time to heat, yet still doesn’t retain it.
  • Contain toxic materials: No other sauna product provides third party testing to prove its safety.
  • Do not use organic cotton: Cotton canvas tents sold with competitor products are not certified organic, and may contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals.
  • Risk burn: The guards on other saunas are not safe to the touch, and put you at risk of burning your skin.
  • Are not portable: Other sauna systems cannot be easily transported for travel the way the Sauna Fix can.
  • Are not radiantly insulated: No competitor sauna tent is made from the same patented radiant insulation material, which effectively protects against electromagnetic frequencies. The insulation quality allows the tent to retain the healing frequencies, which enables the user to sweat in a faster amount of time. Since the heat and light cannot escape through the tent, the skin is exposed to more healing frequencies, and the body heats up quicker from inside energy production.

The Sauna Fix System…

  • Requires no preheat: The radiant tent has an energy efficient R-15 insulation. Each inch of wood on competitor styles only holds an R value of 1.41.
  • Is safety tested: The Sauna Fix system is completely RoHs certified, which means the zippers, frame, and radiant panels are all certified nontoxic. 
  • Will not absorb toxic humidified sweat: the smooth, tent panels prevent the absorption of toxins that the body sweats out, unlike competitor tents made with porous materials.
  • Uses organic cotton: The binding material of the tent is bamboo mat uses 100% organic cotton webbing. 
  • Is safe to touch: The Sauna Fix’s light guards are not branding irons; they can be safely touched without fear of burning the skin.
  • Is portable: The Sauna Fix and its radiant tent can be transported in the corresponding travel bags, so sauna therapy is an option no matter where you are. If a hair dryer works in the outlet, so does the sauna.
  • Is versatile: Regardless of your home’s space or size, the Sauna Fix can be used. While we strongly recommend use of one of the radiant tents, you can still get effective therapy with the sauna hung in a shower stall or over a door.
  • Blocks EMF: The space blanket material that is fully sealed and encased in the tent panel layers effectively blocks electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). For example, you can sit inside the tent, hold your television remote control, and be unable to operate the television on the other side of the tent, due to the blocked frequencies. Rest assured that the sauna tent is a fully safe location that shields harmful EMF.

User safety is ensured with the Sauna Fix:

  • The Sauna Fix lamp and all its corresponding accessories are UL, CE, and RoHS lab tested and certified for optimal safety and the highest medical-grade quality. 
  • The sauna tent’s radiant panels carry an “A” fire safety rating, and are made of a 95% heat retaining insulating material. The panels are composed of five layers, including nontoxic wood grain film, space blanket, large diameter bubble wrap, space blanket, and nontoxic film.  The space blanket layer blocks wireless signals from home electronics to reduce electromagnetic pollution, and the film is polymer, not plastic. The tent panels are smooth and not porous, so they will not absorb toxic humidified sweat, the way competitor products do.  Porous materials, including canvas, wood, and other fabrics, cause humidified sweat and their toxins to accumulate inside the sauna enclosure, and then reheat with each subsequent use.
  • The tent poles are steel and are completely powder coated in a non-toxic RoHS certified, zero VOC, white color.  
  • The tent panel’s zippers are RoHS certified and toxin free, unlike zippers from the USA, which may contain large amounts of lead.  
  • The edging of the tent is sewn with organic cotton webbing, and the zippers are the commercial Y10 size.
  • The completed tent frame (frame, panels, zippers, and bags) passed RoHS testing.
  • The Sauna Fix light fixture and the radiant sauna tents do not outgas any harmful chemicals or toxins. 
  • The radiant material of the sauna tent remains nontoxic when heated.
  • Fungus cannot grow in or outside of the tent.

Near Infrared Sauna and Blue Light Eye Protection Glasses are included in this bundle, and are absolutely essential to shield your eyes from powerful near infrared rays. No other safety glasses can give your eyes the same coverage as the IR Guardian. The temples completely cover the sides of the eyes, and can fit comfortably over an additional pair of glasses. 

Detoxifying tips and tricks

  • Dry skin brush before entering the sauna.
  • Drink 8-10 ounces of spring water with a pinch of Healthy Salt.
  • Use the powerful Breathe Safe Sauna ION Generator to exceptionally enhance the quality of healing from sauna therapy with oxygen and negative ions.
  • Rotate side-to-side. Steady rotation of the body while using the sauna promotes beneficial blood shunting. Sit with one side of the body facing the light for at least a few minutes, depending on the distance to the light, and then turn to let another side face the lamp directly. Be sure to wipe off sweat to prevent the body from cooling down.
  • Wear the least amount of clothing as possible, or none, while in the sauna so the skin can breathe, and you will be more comfortable.

Sauna therapy uses near infrared rays to enable the body to sweat and detoxify. Our bodies are made to thrive at any age. Near infrared therapy is easy and effective for everyone, not to mention relaxing and enjoyable. 

Warranty Information
The Sauna Fix carries a lifetime warranty, which covers the sockets, electrical wiring switch, electrical cord, and any defective welds or threads or nickel finish.  The warranty does not cover misuse or abuse of the unit, such as crushing, dropping, or bending parts. The sauna lamp arrives with an extra socket so that, if there is a failure, the customer has the option of avoiding shipping charges by having the socket replaced by an electrician.

The radiant sauna tents carry a 3-year limited warranty. The warranty covers the workmanship, zippers, and sewing for normal use. It does not cover misuse of the products, such as ripped zipper binding, bent tent poles or brackets, and tent fabric punctures. It also does not cover scorched or melted panels caused by improper sauna lamp use such as placing a sauna lamp in direct contact with the tent panels, or neglecting to turn off the sauna lamp when exiting the tent.

Claims for items damaged or received in a non-working order, such as bent metal or missing parts, must be made within 14 days of your package delivery confirmation to qualify for shipping insurance coverage.  You must submit pictures of the packaging and damage to the items when making us aware of the problem, and keep all the original packaging and item until we notify you with further instructions.  Then we will submit a claim and require you to sign a claim form.  Any failure in meeting these requirements will cause a denial of the shipping insurance claim, and as the Seller we will not be responsible for the cost of replacement. 

Any item found to be defective or problematic within 30 days of delivery will be eligible for a prepaid return shipping label. After the 30 day period, the customer must pay their own round trip shipping fees for the returned package and replacement shipment, and will be asked to pay for the replacement shipping costs.

When a defective item is eligible for return, it will either be repaired, replaced with a reconditioned unit, or replaced with a brand new unit. If the item is beyond repair or out of stock, the customer may be issued a partial or full refund based on the circumstances and life expectancy of the unit. If upon inspection, the item is determined to have been accidentally damaged, the customer will be charged for any repairs made or replacement parts acquired.