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PDF Guide: How To Do The Spinal Twist

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PDF Guide: How To Do The Spinal Twist

This exercise enables the middle of the spinal discs to return to their fluid state. In this "gelled state", the spine can best be "molded", with the use of the neck and back shaper spinal brace supports. This allows the spinal muscles to relax and for your whole body to prepare for restful sleep

1. Sit down, then arch your lower back and raise your chin. Imagine sitting with a vertical rod positioned through the center of your head, trunk, and hips.

2. Lift your arms to shoulder level with the elbows bent out to the side.

3. Twist your spine while looking with your eyes and leading both ways with your head. Look and turn to the left and then look and turn to the right to equal one motion. Pivot around the imaginary rod, and do not lean or reach out from the center of your body while twisting.

4. Repeat the motion 25 times.


You should lie on the neck and back shaper spinal brace supports for no longer than 15-20 minutes right away to promote restoration and/or maintenance of spinal curvature and prepare your spine to sleep.

Lie down on your back on a flat, firm surface with two spinal braces or rolls underneath your body. Place the neck shaper brace or roll under the center of your neck. When the neck brace or roll has been properly sized, your head and shoulders will both rest on the flat surface without any gaps or unsupported areas. The correct back brace or roll placement is in the center of the low back, typically 1” above the top of the hip iliac crest bones.

You can also use folded towels in place of the neck and back shaper spinal brace supports.

To Prepare Towels for Use:

1. Fold regular size bath towels (approximately 24" x 45") down the middle. Use towels of different thicknesses. Figure A

2. Fold each towel into thirds with the middle of each approximately 1" in width. Figures B and C.

Use Towels for Spinal Twist

3. Roll the towels up to firmly form lumbar and cervical supports. Secure the ends of the towels with rubber bands to achieve different diameters and densities to best fit your spine. Figures D and E.

4. Place one towel under the center of the neck so that the head and shoulders are on the floor or bed. Place the other towel under the center of the lower back, approximately 1" above the top of the hips.

You may perform this exercise multiple times per day, but not for more than 15-20 minutes at a time.

Spinal Twist with Folded Towels

Perform the above passive exercise and lie over the spinal braces after strenuous exercise and just prior to sleep every night to promote healthy curvature of the spine. Be sure to at least perform the exercise before going to bed.

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Now you can train to improve, restore, and maintain the ideal S-shape spinal posture instead of accentuating or creating the incorrect neutral spine.