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Alder Sauna Stool

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alder-sauna-stool-at-go-healthy-next.pngAlder Sauna Stool

This smooth topped Alder Sauna Stool comes in a sleek design and is a comfortable choice for anyone who wishes to take a sauna at home. 

 The seat of the stool is entirely made of alder wood and finished with a coating of 100% non-toxic milk paint.  The milk paint seals and protects the surface from the sweat and moisture of sauna therapy, which makes it an ideal seat choice for the Sauna Fix near infrared sauna or any other home sauna. 

This stool is sturdy enough to be used inside a bath tub or shower, if you hang your near infrared sauna lamp in this way. It is also lightweight and small enough for use in a traditional, far infrared, or wooden home sauna. 

There is some assembly required with this stool and it comes with a set of simple instructions. The stool measures 18 inches high with a 12.75 inch seat diameter. 

Be aware that the stool will not break down once it is assembled. It is meant to be used long-term with indoor home saunas. For a portable sauna tool that can be quickly assembled and disassembled to take on your travels, check out the Sauna Poplar Wood Stool, which even comes with a travel (or storage) bag. Alder and poplar are both high quality and the safest wood options to use with a sauna.