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Sauna Bulb Set - for Sauna Rebuild

30.00 LBS
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Sauna Bulb Set - for Sauna Rebuild

When you send in your Sauna Fix lamp for warranty repair, you can purchase a set of four 250 Watt Heat Lamp Bulbs and the return shipping of the rebuilt sauna lamp by purchasing this item.

Any Sauna Fix lamp comes with a life-time warranty if you purchased the Sauna Fix from us ( on or after February 14, 2019.

The sauna rebuild includes:

300 degree rated sockets

Heat shield tubing over the wires by the sockets

Electrical cord with a switch rated for 300 degrees

Buyer pays for round trip shipping for warranty repairs.

A common request is to purchase new bulbs and the return shipping.  So this item gives you both the bulbs and the return shipping and simplifies the process.