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Sea Salt

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Healthy Salt and Baja Gold Salt

Our daily food and beverage choices impact the body's pH levels and mineral content. It takes 20 alkaline parts to neutralize 1 acidic part. The tasty and body-friendly unrefined salts from Baja Gold and Creatrix Solutions brands are food salts that alkalize the body. They are carefully crafted and minimally processed in order to retain the highest possible amounts of naturally occurring essential minerals and trace elements. Daily consumption of these alkalizing food salts helps nourish the body and contributes to a healthier and more vigorous living!

Baja Gold Sea Salt has an above neutral alkaline pH of 8.04, and the pH of 10.72 found in Healthy Salt is purely alkaline and extremely therapeutic. Alkaline food salts normalize the body's pH levels by inching it back toward a neutral mark, which really means a lot after eating acidic foods (tomatoes or grains) or drinking acidic beverages (soda or coffee). Alkaline food salts are also high in trace elements and minerals (53 minerals in Baja Gold Sea Salt and up to 70 minerals in Healthy Salt), which makes either of them far better and healthier than Himalayan Pink Salt.