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EMF Quantum Science Shield Stickers

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EMF Quantum Science Shield Stickers

Counteract the harmful EMF in your work or home environment. Some individuals are extra sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and feel more energetic when shielding devices are used. The fact is, if something plugs into electricity, it generates an electrical frequency that negatively impacts cells in our body. This pack of 6 stickers will affix to virtually any source of harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

To use: Put the sticker anywhere on the device. These stickers work great for electrical devices and wall outlets.

For wireless devices, we recommend the gold EMF Anti-Radiation Sticker.

In addition to EMF Shielding stickers, check out our other Quantum Science products that generate Negative Ions. The body needs negative ions or anions to support normal body functions.  With indoor and outdoor pollution the beneficial ions are being destroyed. You can also get proactive and look great with our quantum jewelry and help your body with affordable products that are supported by research.