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Ozone Water Sterilizer - Food & Enema Prep Kit

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Ozone Water Sterilizer - Food & Enema Prep Kit

The Ozone Water Sterilizer - Food & Enema Prep Kit comes equipped with the both the Tri-Oxy FRESH and Tri-Oxy Refresh (Enema apparatus sold separately). Safely and powerfully use ozone as liquid sanitizer and/or to create ozonated drinking water for health purposes. 

What ozone is: Ozone is an activated state of oxygen that is made up of three oxygen atoms. It has the power to break pollutants down into molecules that are less harmful and more simple when they interact with ozone in water.  The food industry has recognized ozone, an environmentally-friendly and safe sanitizer, as an effective alternative solution to chlorine.  Based on the type of food and application, ozone gas, mist, or water, can be used to safely treat food and agricultural crops. When ozonated water is used to treat plants, it releases oxygen and oxidizes the harmful parts of the plants.

Use the Tri-Oxy FRESH to fight algae, bacteria, fungus, insects, mildew, mold, parasites, and viruses with the power of ozone. Spray and mist with ozonated water to remove insects and pathogens and enhance the growth of your plants.  You can also use this machine to produce ozonated water for purified and oxygen-rich drinking water - or use the ozonated water to clean fresh fruits and vegetables. The FRESH works with high frequency and voltage to produce energy and attach oxygen molecules together to generate oxygen. It is a small enough unit to be comfortably used on a table top. Try combining the Tri-Oxy FRESH with the Tri-Oxy COMPLETE to remove insect larvae. The FRESH can fog ozone gas into grow areas, and the combined of ozonated water and ozone gas will work to reduce the amount of insect larvae. Fogging is also beneficial to destroy some live insects. 

View the Tri-Oxy FRESH user manual here. This machine comes with an intermittent timer so you can periodically discharge ozone gas. Please make sure to clear the area of humans and pets while fogging for safety purposes. The FRESH also has an internal fan that can run for longer lengths of time, plus a remote control, an Ozone Diffuser Stone with Stainless Steel Barb (50-60 Micron), and stone diffusers. 

Tri-Oxy Refresh Diffuser and Degasser

The Tri-Oxy Refresh destroys ozone gas as it leaves the water to make the surrounding air safe to breathe while generating ozonated water. It can extend the life of ozone generators, and ozonate water quickly with the 0.5 micron size diffuser pores. Warning: After ozonating water, remove the stainless steel diffuser from the water and resume bubbling ozone gas through the diffuser. Blow the water out and dry the stone to prevent the minerals in the water from clogging the small pores in the diffuser. 

View the Tri-Oxy REFRESH user manual here. Studies from the Natural Center for Biotechnology Information ( confirm lung damage from ozone gas exposure. However, many studies confirm ozonated water benefits, including increased: glutathione peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, catalase, prostacyclin, red blood cell glycolysis rate, oxygen metabolism; and inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa. The REFRESH degasses 100% of excess ozone not dissolved in water, as well as eliminates potential toxic gas exposure and lung damage.

Ozone Water Sterilizer - Food & Enema Prep Kit Contents: 

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