Talking about the No Stand Up Coffee Enema Fix at the Open Minded Healing Podcast with Marla Miller

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Welcome, everyone. Today I've invited back a previous guest, Eileen Durfee. Eileen is a former nuclear power plant engineer who became sick due to chemical exposure. Her journey to overcome her own health issues led her to become an inventor and business woman. Eileen founded her own health company called Creatrix Solutions to create and distribute natural healing products worldwide. Her experience continues to motivate her to create the best possible health solutions to protect family, friends and consumers from our toxic world. In addition, Eileen has been featured on major media outlets, including ABC, NBC and CBS. Welcome, Eileen.

Eileen Durfee: Well, thank you for having me back.

Marla Miller: Yeah, I'm very happy to have you back here, always a wealth of information. And so, I appreciate what you have to share. So, today, we're going to be talking about a topic that some might find funny or unusual, or they may be curious about it. But we're going to really get into this topic today. And the topic is coffee enemas. So, I would say a lot of people know what an enema is, and may have experienced it, maybe if they had a colonoscopy, you know, sort of that clearing out of your colon through different means, but the coffee enema is a little bit different. So, do you want to give a general description and then maybe a little scientific background?

Eileen Durfee: Sure, coffee enemas are basically mainly water with some strong brewed coffee added to it. So, the solution kind of looks like a very light brown color or tan, you know, because it's, doesn't have very much coffee. Let's say if you had like a quart of water, you might have a tablespoon of strong coffee in there. So, it is a coffee enema, because you know, you're putting fluid up your rectum. And so, then the body retains that fluid for a while before expelling it. And coffee enemas, believe it or not, are written about in the Dead Sea Scrolls. So, they've literally been around for 1000s of years.

Marla Miller: So, do you know of any other historical use for the coffee enema?

Eileen Durfee: Yes, Dr. Garrison used multiple coffee enemas per day with cancer patients. His belief was that a lot of times, the cancer wasn't killing you. But when you were eliminating tumors and things that were very, very toxic, you needed to get those toxins out of the body because the toxins were killing the person. So, he did, I don't know, six coffee enemas a day on a person with cancer, and he had a clinic and practiced this for years and had a lot of good results. And he promoted and used the green coffee beans, you know, when he was doing the therapies. So, yeah, that's another historical use that people can look up.

Marla Miller: Yeah, yeah, I think there's a lot of information on him that people can find.

Eileen Durfee: Now, my favorite story about coffee enemas, and why they're so beneficial was during the war when Hitler's army was cut off from supplies. Typically, when they didn't have pain medication for anesthesia to operate on soldiers, the doctors would always order a plain water enema. Now, one of the nurses thought, hey, the doctors are drinking coffee and then it's keeping them going 24/7. So, they started pouring leftover coffee into enema buckets. And something amazing happened. Pain reduction was dramatic.

So much so that it became famous in Europe and major universities began studying to try to find out by what mechanism was this pain relief being given. So, they took the coffee water solution and put it in rat’s rectum and figured out that after 12 minutes, the caffeine and the palmitic acid from the solution was gone. And they determined that it went up the portal vein. Now a portal vein all along your intestinal tract, it's like going out in your garden and pulling up a tomato. There's all these little tuber routes, the vein is like that. And it attaches to an intestinal tract. That's the portal vein, and it leads to the liver.

So, what was happening is, the caffeine and the palmitic acid went up the portal vein directly to the liver. And once it got to the liver, that actually stimulated bile production. So, bile can change the pH of the intestinal tract. It can trap and mop up heavy metals, but also what was going on. Glutathione, which is a major antioxidant in our bodies, the production of it was increased over 600%.

Marla Miller: Yeah, that's amazing.

Eileen Durfee: And then, if that isn't beneficial enough, it turned on enzyme systems in the body. So, through all that mechanism, the side effect of that was a reduction in pain. You know, obviously, it's going to detoxify because of extra bile. There's a lot of people out there that will take Ox Bile supplements and things to generate more bile from the liver. So, it can trap heavy metals and things like that in your body. So, generally, the health benefits of the coffee enema are tremendous.

Marla Miller: Yeah, well, I can admit, I have done this technique many times. When I was healing, going through my healing process with autoimmune, and my foot was really swollen. That was one of the big symptoms was, I was on crutches because my foot was so swollen. I couldn't touch it to the ground. But when I started to do the coffee enemas, I was doing, maybe, I mean, I was doing it like every other day for a little while, because I had such benefit from it.

Immediately after I would do the coffee enema, the inflammation in my foot totally went down. It would last, I don't remember the rest of the day. It was like the rest of the day, or 24 hours, something like that. But it was amazing to see that immediate response. And on top of that, I remember I always felt so much more clearheaded. I always felt lighter, and like I could get more done that day, had more focus. Also, in doing them, I mean, people are probably conjuring all kinds of images in their head regarding how this is done, but I will say before we get into it later is, to me, it was almost like a meditative practice. To me, it was just relaxing time.

You have nothing else scheduled. You have kind of that peace and quiet for like a half an hour, however long you end up doing it. So, that was my experience. I mean, you've explained what the coffee itself does, right with the glutathione that’s strictly due to the coffee itself.

Eileen Durfee: Right. The water enema is gonna flush things out. So is the coffee enema, but it's the caffeine and the palmitic acid in the coffee that does the magic. And it doesn't take very much of it. Even people who are really sensitive to caffeine can start off with maybe a teaspoon of brewed coffee to 32 oz. And tolerated actually pretty well. The caffeine being absorbed through the intestinal tract affects the body in a much different way than drinking coffee.

Marla Miller: So, would you suggest doing the coffee enema in the morning versus in the evening?

Eileen Durfee: Absolutely. Yes, in the morning is best because it will give you a pick me up. But it's different than like just drinking coffee. It doesn't hit you that hard but it's more sustaining. Like you said, you felt much better for like 24 hours. And that's the case with doing a coffee enema. You definitely feel better and I think that the reason why the clear headedness and being able to focus is because especially in women, we tend to have leftover toxic copper in our bodies, and copper affects mental abilities. And so, when you do a coffee enema, that extra bile will bind the toxic copper. Because see, with estrogen, copper rises with estrogen. And if we're stressed and we have lower adrenal gland function, we can't keep copper bound to a protein to make it bioavailable.

So, with doing the coffee enema, we can get rid of this toxic copper load and think clearly. There's a lot of information on copper toxicity and the symptoms of toxicity, which actually include headaches, insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety, all kinds of things like that. And so doing a coffee enema in the morning can oftentimes reduce that toxic copper load, and then people feel better. It's like, things that were bothering and vanish. I always tell people, you know, I'll never ask you to do a coffee enema again. But I'm gonna give you a challenge. I want you to do a daily coffee enema for two weeks. And that's it.

Usually, by two weeks, the person has felt such a dramatic improvement in their health, that the coffee enemas sells itself. That's the one thing is, there's a really quick reward system. And frankly, the objections to doing the coffee enema mainly have been either the person has back pain or knees, knee problems, and it's hard for them to get in a position to lay down. And then even if you are physically fit, and you lay down to do a coffee enema, when it's time, when you feel that urgency to eliminate. By then it's like too late. You stand up and then everything goes all over the floor splashing making a mess.

So, it takes a while to get your rhythm, you know, have a little catch bucket. And to be able to develop the muscles down there, you know, to hold the fluids, to be able to move around and get up and you know, eliminate. So, I have eliminated that objection. And it's, thanks to one client who, bless his soul, started doing coffee enemas at my recommendation, and it just changed his life. But he bought one of my bags that could be turned inside out to clean. And he stood up and he rolled the bag, so he didn't have to lay down. So, it kind of like pushed the fluid up his rectum. So, that got me thinking, what about a little pump so that people with back problems or knee problems or people who just didn't want the mess of an accident when they're getting up. And it worked.

Now I've got a glass jar with a handle that's got an adapter and you just put a pump on it. And so, I use that in the shower. And so, it's just a, you know, a long shower and I get out and sit down and eliminate. It's a lot more affordable. I went through a stage where I bought a Colema Board. That's for like when you do like a five-gallon enema, but I was using that for a coffee enema because I can flip up the toilet lid, put it down with a stool and I could literally just lay down and not have to get up when it was time, you know, to eliminate. You know, but my - because of how healthy and beneficial coffee enemas are, I tried to remove every objection and make it easy. So, anyone could give this wonderful protocol a try.

Marla Miller: Yeah. Yeah, that's great, where you're always coming up with solutions. So, there's another, another one you came up with. So, maybe people are wondering, you know, why would I do a water enema and why would I do a coffee enema? You know, what you'd use each for? I know the water enema - I think one thing is like, when patients have gotten really dehydrated, sometimes after a surgery or something, you know, where they're just not drinking enough water and they get - they start to get sick because they're so dehydrated. I know doctors will prescribe a water enema. Like you could get it at any pharmacy, but the coffee enema in particular. Do you want to name some reasons why you would use a coffee enema?

Eileen Durfee: You know, as far as coffee enemas go, because they're mostly water. If a person has been prescribed to do a water enema, I would just add the coffee to it, because that's also going to hydrate you. But then you get all those other benefits. And I'm one of those people that, if I'm going to spend time doing something, I want to maximize –

Marla Miller: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: … the results and the benefits I'm going to achieve by dedicating my time to that. And so, with doing a coffee enema, some people will say, you know, not much came out. My first answer to that is, how much water and what kind of water have you been drinking, because I believe you're dehydrated. Actually, probably 80% of the population is dehydrated to some extent. We're just not drinking enough water at different times throughout the day, and we're not drinking the right kind of water. So, it's not getting in our cells to actually do the hydration. The coffee enema, it is also very hydrating. And so, I tell clients that if that happens to you, prepare another jug of the solution and do another enema. And then you'll get things you know, coming out.

Marla Miller: Yeah, that's great. What is some of the scientific research behind it, because I know you do hear different things. Some say to be careful, they're cautionary about it. And others, you know, tout the benefits of it. Let's talk about the pros and cons of coffee enema, because if you Google it, you'll see both. So, as far as possible cons, well, I know of one. And it's just, I think the way that you insert the tube. People are aggressive, or maybe push it too far or too rough with that. I think some people are afraid of tearing the tissue.

Eileen Durfee: Yes, and you can use some natural lubrication, and you can bear down so the sphincter opens. So, it can be inserted, you know, easily. There's no rush, you know, they can just take their time. And also, it helps when you use a flexible tip, instead of the solid tips. So, that way, you know, it really keeps you from injuring yourself.

Marla Miller: Yeah, and what I found, it's not, like I think some people envision, you're pushing this tube up far into your body. But it really doesn't require that.

Eileen Durfee: I think our flexible tips that come with the kit are four inches long, it doesn't take much. And I recommend, you know, when you're standing up using the pump, is you can take your other hand, and you can massage because on the left side of your abdomen, that's the ascending part of your colon. So, you can kind of massage that. And then across your ribs underneath your ribs is the transverse part. And you can just be massaging that and then the fluid will make its way all the way up there. And so, it can be you know, very, very comfortable with - without pain or discomfort.

Marla Miller: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: And when you feel like you're full, like for instance, 32 oz, I never put that much inside me at one time. I use about half of it. And then I will hold, you know, ideally, six minutes, because if I'm using a 32 oz jar, have it for six minutes and I go eliminate. Then I come back in, I refill. I do another six minutes and I've got that magic 12-minute mark, where my body's taking out a caffeine and the palmitic acid to do its magic.

Marla Miller: Yeah, and I did hear so that every three minutes, you can hold it and it’s benefiting you. It's, what is it doing? Recycling the bile and allowing for more toxins to be latched on to and eliminated.

Eileen Durfee: Yes, yes. And I tell people, even if they can only hold it one minute, that's what the two-week challenge is about. Because initially you're not going to be able to hold that long at all. But that's okay. Just go eliminate, refill. Do your best, and then practice makes perfect like day two or three or four. By the end of the two weeks, you're going to be able to hold it for 12 minutes, but any amount of time that you can hold it is better than none. And you'll feel the difference in your body.

Marla Miller: Yeah. So, as far as the actual process. I know for me, what I did was, I boiled four cups of water - distilled water, and not tap water. And then put in Organic Coffee. I put in four tablespoons, but some people may do less. I let it boil. Then I add the coffee and put it on simmer for 12 minutes. Then I strain it through a strainer, put it in a coffee enema bucket that I've purchased on Amazon. I had a metal bucket, and then let it cool off. And while it cools off, because it might take a half hour or something, I go do my exercise routine, or I go do whatever it is I want to do in the morning.

So, that was the first part. And then, the second part was, laying a towel down on your bathroom floor, getting comfortable, maybe put a little towel rolled up under your head. And if you lay down, and you have the bucket raised up, like put it on a bathroom hook or something so it's elevated above you. And then you can dip the tip in coconut oil. That's what I do. I'm sure like you said, some kind of lubricant. I found like if you're lying on your side, and then you tuck your knees in, insert that, release some of the coffee into you and then hold it as long as you can up to 12 minutes. But the first time, you may only be able to hold it a minute or less and then you just get up quickly and, and use the bathroom. Do you have anything to add to that process or anything you've tried that was helpful?

Eileen Durfee: Yeah, the way you prepare the coffee, I might not get around to doing my coffee enema. That takes too long. It's too much effort. So, I bought myself a stainless-steel percolator. And I just make my coffee. It takes, I donno, less than five minutes. And then I fill my 32 oz glass jar, almost all the way up to the top. I leave room for the coffee. But then I pour the fresh, right off the stove brewed coffee in on top of the room temperature water and it's perfect. No waiting. And I do mine in the shower, so I don't have to lay down and - but yeah, just really, however you prepare the coffee, the boil method and straining it and all of that was more difficult. And I found that percolating gets all that goodness out of the coffee grounds. And it's just faster.

Marla Miller: Yeah, well, that's definitely good for people that you know, want to shorten that time period. And to use your product, like you said, which is something different that people could look up on your website.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah.

Marla Miller: So, if you haven't ever experienced enema, and this seems very foreign, you can Google it and find exactly how to do it or, you know, or find different products, different coffee enema kits, whether it's on your site. For that particular one, you can do standing in the shower, or if you go to Amazon, they have a couple of different varieties of it. And so as far as the coffee, I know I use the organic and, and it's also a green bean, I guess. So, it's a little different than black coffee. But what do you use?

Eileen Durfee: Well, green coffee is lightly roasted and it contains higher amounts of caffeine and palmitic acid. I've used both. When I was doing daily coffee enemas with the green, lightly roasted beans, literally my skin started to turn green. My liver was making so much bile. It was like in excess. So, I switched to like a medium dark roast coffee, which is more yang. So, actually it detoxifies your body more than being yin. So, I just get an organic coffee. There's local roaster. So, you can get something very fresh. That way you're not having to worry about mold and things like that. They do sell coffee online that is mold certified free. And I started checking into that and it's grown in the shade, but they're touting that it's very low acid coffee.

Well, for a coffee enema, you don't want low acid coffee. For drinking, yeah, that, that would be great. But that's not the best you know for a coffee enema. So, I would say, organic. Find a local roaster. It seems like now with the craze of everybody drinking coffee, there's local roasters just everywhere.

Marla Miller: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: And literally, any way you make coffee just as long as you're getting that brewed coffee in your water solution is better than no coffee enema at all. So, I would just encourage people to start anywhere that they can do it, that they, they’re used to doing it, you know, until they develop the habit and receive. You know, before you develop the habit, if you can feel so much better, it's just a huge incentive, you know, to continue to make it a part of your routine.

Marla Miller: Yeah, I definitely agree with that. It's easy to make it a habit once you experience the benefits of it, for sure.

Eileen Durfee: You were asking about the cons. One of the cons that I've heard is that, oh, that's going to strip the minerals out of your body by, you know, doing coffee enemas. And so, I have to tell a story. I was in a car wreck, I had to have knee surgery. Now I started doing daily coffee enemas in 2011. And that wreck was in 2013. So, I had to have all my blood work, everything done for surgery. At the time, I actually went through life insurance exam and had all the bloodwork done. And my numbers came out perfect, like right down the middle of everything. So much so, like the life insurance company is going, wow, what are you doing? We've never issued life insurance with the healthiest class that you, that you qualified for. So, I have to say, daily coffee enemas, daily Near Infrared Saunas, daily drinking my ozonated water.

When I was at the physical therapy place, they had me put my hand on that S3 machine which measures circulating antioxidants. Dr. Oz had it on his show and they use the machine to sell you supplements. Because most people don't have enough antioxidants. And when you have low antioxidants, you have a higher risk for cancer and other diseases. And when they measured mine at 80,000 units, they're going like, oh my gosh, you're never gonna get cancer, what antioxidants are you taking? Keep in mind, coffee enemas are making them master antioxidant glutathione increasing at 600% plus, you know, Near Infrared Saunas also increased your antioxidant level in your body. But I personally after doing daily coffee enemas for several years, and then having all the follow up bloodwork personally did not see that that was true. Right?

I'm not a demineralized person. The only thing different than maybe a standard person is, I do a regular hair analysis. And I take the minerals and supplements recommended by that. So, maybe if someone wasn't taking anything and had a bad diet, where they weren't getting good nutrients from like organic, non-GMO food or something like that, maybe they were really nutrient deplete, maybe it would. I just have never seen a real study to back up that warning of how a coffee enema would demineralize you.

Marla Miller: Yeah. Yeah, that's very interesting. I mean, you had real samples, real bloodwork to show what was going on in your body after all the coffee enemas. So, the cons can be easily taken care of. I mean, if you just insert that too carefully and not too aggressively. And like you said, if you're eating a healthy diet. I mean, I'm sure if someone was extremely deficient, because of their lifestyle and what they're eating, then that's going to show up no matter what, whether you're doing that coffee enema or not, that you're depleted. But to have the benefit of that great a jump of antioxidant in your body is worth doing.

Eileen Durfee: I agree. People ask me, I'm only going to do one thing for my health. What would you recommend, Eileen? It's a no-brainer. I say, do a daily coffee enema. I know of nothing that gives you as much as that does.

Marla Miller: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: If you look at those antique magazines and advertisements from the late 1800s, early 1900s. Everywhere, there's information on enema bags. It's like before we went to prescription medications, it was a regular thing where everybody in the household was doing regular enemas all the time. It is just one of the ways that people helped maintain their health. So, we've just really kind of gotten away from that in this society.

Marla Miller: Yeah, well, I know I do them when I, especially when I detox my body from anything. Like right now, I'm working on detoxing heavy metals, because I've had tests. I know I have high lead that I'm pulling out. So, that's beneficial to do the coffee enemas to really help facilitate that process.

Eileen Durfee: Absolutely.

Marla Miller: So, it’s good for that. Do you have any other things you want to add as to why someone would do a coffee enema? Other than, I mean, you've described quite well the benefits, but for a particular type of condition, or –

Eileen Durfee: I've had –

Marla Miller: … health issue.

Eileen Durfee: I've had many clients come to me getting on the hair analysis and they'll list all these medications, you know, anxiety, sinus issues, headaches, insomnia, just so many things. And I tried to get them to do the coffee enema. And there was this one husband and wife, where he said, I'll do that. They came back a month later for their test results and 80% of his symptoms were gone from just doing the coffee enema. And of course, whenever you start any detox program, sometimes, you know, you have Herxheimer reactions, and you can, you know, feel uncomfortable, and lethargic, and all this kind of stuff. So, I always am counseling clients to start slow.

You know, make sure your detoxification pathways are opened up, because if you're going to detoxify too fast, that's a stress on the body. And this guy, he says, oh, no big deal, I'll just do two coffee enemas a day, no need to start slow. You know, this guy was so sold on the coffee enema. It's almost like a snake oil, you know? It is the elixir, you know, try it for anything. I mean, obviously, we can't make medical claims, but you know, your body when it has glutathione. And it's, you know, trapping heavy metals, and it's improving your digestion. You know, it just does amazing things for you.

Marla Miller: Yeah. And I also thought of how many people in the country or the world are, you know, experience constipation. And so, there's another benefit there if you're having issues.

Eileen Durfee: Another con that I've been told is that, oh, you know, you're going to rely on those and not be able to have bowel movement. But I would rather have somebody getting that fecal matter out instead of having that auto intoxication thing going on, and deal with the underlying cause of you know, their underactive adrenals, and thyroid that could be causing the constipation. But in the meantime, you're doing something healthy for your body, and minimizing the toxins that you could be reabsorbing. See, when you have underactive adrenal glands, which the first sign of that is fatigue. So how many Americans are tired all the time and are surviving on coffee? I mean, so many people in society with this rush 21st century, of all the activities that people are jamming in their day, they're burning out their adrenal glands, and the adrenal glands make aldosterone, which is really what controls sodium electrolytes in the body. But for you to have good digestion, your body turns sodium into hydrochloric acid. So, if you are not having regular bowel movements, and you tend towards constipation, my guess is that your electrolyte sodium levels are lower. And so, your body isn't able to make those digestive enzymes to digest your food.

Therefore, your whole intestinal tract is sluggish. And also, it's known with the underactive thyroid, that you're going to tend towards constipation and have dry skin you know, lack of energy. And so nourishing your endocrine system with different minerals and glandulars in some cases, can restore someone's electrolytes to where their digestion can improve. And back in 2011 when I started, I was a wreck. And I had underactive thyroid, you know, underactive adrenals, and I was, you know, constipated before doing hair analysis and starting the coffee enemas. I was relying on way too much vitamin C and magnesium, which were doing other things in my chemistry. I was like medicating constipation with a natural substance but causing other imbalances. And so, I really think that that's not a con, that once you rebuild the body to support digestion, then you know, you'll be able to eliminate without having to do a coffee enema.

Marla Miller: Yeah, that's good information. So, I guess the bottom line is that no pun intended. Better out than in. That's, that’s the main theme here.

Eileen Durfee: Yes.

Marla Miller: So, is there any last thing you want to add about this topic?

Eileen Durfee: Just to try it. Step out in faith, give it, you know, a couple of weeks. Doing the same thing that you're doing right now is gonna get you the same results. So, if you're looking for something different, I would say, to take me up on my challenge, to do a daily coffee enema for two weeks and see how it benefits your body. Everybody responds differently. And if you had any back or knee problems, or you don't want to deal with the mess, I would say, go with the standup no mess kit, so that that isn't the barrier for you. You know, because there are 1000s of people that swear by coffee enemas, how they've saved their life, how they're just not in pain anymore. They can sleep. There's just so many stories about how people have been helped.

Marla Miller: Yeah, that's great. Where can people find you and also your products?

Eileen Durfee: We're on social media under Creatrix Solutions and the website is, and the standup no mess kit is called the enema fix.

Marla Miller: All right, perfect. And Creatrix ends with an,

Eileen Durfee: Yes.

Marla Miller: Okay, perfect. And I'll put it in the show notes. Well, thank you again for coming onto the show and giving us some valuable information.

Eileen Durfee: Well, thank you for having me, Marla.

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