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Neck Shaper Kit

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The Neck Shaper Kit | Spinal Fitness & ExerciseInstructions - The Neck Shaper

The Neck Shaper Kit is built to honor Dr. Scherger's legacy who worked with many NFL teams including New England Patriots, NY Giants, Dallas Cowboys and NY Jets. He explained ideal curvature based on mathematical concepts and coined the term "Spinal Fitness", which inspired the development of the larger product family that also includes the Power Cushion, Back Trac, Neck Rolls, Lumbar Rolls, and Force Applicators.

The true cause of back pain is loss of curvature + gravity that tightens muscles, pinches nerves, restricts movement, and decreases blood flow. But it all begins with the neck. The neck is such a forgotten and abused part of your body. We use the neck for hours a day leaning forward at the desk and looking down texting and nothing is being done to reverse the effects of those repetitive positions and movements.

The solution begins by using the Neck Shaper. The device fits comfortably on the face with a forehead and chin rest. The force is applied with the bar placed at a mathematical position between the forehead and chin. The user can grip the Neck Shaper with or without the bar and apply force with hands, bar weights or resistance bands. With the Neck Shaper resting on the face the user performs the Neck Flexion exercise as demonstrated above.

Step 01:  In standing position, with feet hip-width apart, keep shoulders down, back, and relaxed. Stretch neck gently backwards, looking up in a fully extended position.

Step 02:  Hold Neck Shaper on face with or without bar/bands/weights, and apply gentle force.

Step 03:  Keep applying force, and use neck muscles to move against resistance, and slowly drop chin to the level position. This is just like nodding your head versus pushing forward.

Step 04:  With chin in the level position, relax muscles and push straight back with Neck Shaper, keeping the chin level.


The Neck Shaper Kit Helps with Neck and Back Pain