Back Trac


The patented Back Trac is a six (6) inch diameter roll, twelve (12) inches long, with a special groove that allows the spinous to float and simultaneously supports the transverse process of the vertebrae.  The Back Trac is available in two (2) densities:  Medium and Hard.  Density is signified by color, where orange is medium and maroon is hard.

Throughout growth and development of the spine, accumulated trauma and repetitive motions modify global alignment of vertebrae, with adaptive spinal segments.  The adaptive posture becomes painful and limits the range of motion and reduces endurance and athletic ability.  If not corrected joint discs can be damaged, and vertebral joints can suffer excess wear and tear.

The Back Trac allow spinal joints to stretch.  Each vertebra has four joint surfaces that connect to other vertebrae, in addition to connecting with the spinal discs, ribs, sacrum, skull and other structures.  All in all your spine has 364 joints.  By laying your back on top of the Back Trac and rolling back and forth, your body weight applies pressure to realign your vertebrae.  This process stretches the intervertebral joints, opens up the meninges reducing pinched nerves, which improves joint health and global alignment.  Almost everyone will hear the vertebrae pop and feel the realignment.

If you are in pain or have suffered recent trauma we recommend beginning with the medium density Orange Back Trac.  Once you have stabilized we recommend graduating to the hard density Maroon Back Trac.  The hard density Back Trac quickly stretches and improves global alignment of the spine, improving athletic ability and endurance.