Cutting-Edge Back Pain Solutions for Long-Term Relief

Cutting-Edge Back Pain Solutions for Long-Term Relief

Posted by Eileen Durfee on Sep 21st 2022

Nearly 16 million adults experience chronic or persistent back pain that interferes with their daily lives. Not only is back pain physically debilitating, but it can also cause extreme stress and even depression.

Woman Suffering from Back Pain

Have you tried countless back pain solutions with little to no relief? Do you want an alternative to risky surgeries and medications?

At Creatrix Solutions, we offer completely safe and convenient back pain solutions to reduce discomfort and help you reclaim your active lifestyle.

Keep reading to discover cutting-edge solutions for treating your body's unique needs.

What Your Body's Telling You

Understanding the mechanics of the human body is a huge ingredient in discovering long-term back pain solutions that work.

If you've ever visited a chiropractor, you know how important spinal alignment is. Many chiropractors have learned in recent years that your body's center of gravity also plays an important role in preventing back pain.

Another important factor is the curvature of your spine. What was once considered "bad" is now the only true way to live a life free of back pain and discomfort. By returning your spine to its intended S-shape, you're helping your body achieve what it was genetically intended to do.

Sadly, many of us are predisposed from a young age to develop a spinal misalignment. It's important to note that the spine is a mechanical device designed to function in gravity with minimal muscle expenditure or joint strain.

Most back pain sufferers lack the core strength and posture needed to erect their bodies against gravity fully. With most of the population on their feet most of the day, this gravitational pull wreaks havoc on the spine and back muscles. This over-expenditure of energy causes pain, poor posture, misalignment, and overall fatigue.

Reshaping your spine to its intended S-shape and correcting poor posture are just two back pain solutions that you can embrace right now to improve your condition.

These, among other remedies, are achieved through specially designed stretches and exercises.

The Secret to Long-Term Back Pain Solutions

What if we told you that the answer to realigning your spine and reducing back pain was as simple as performing daily stretches and exercises? No dangerous surgeries or addictive medications. All you need is a few minutes, a few times a day, to improve your posture and reduce muscle fatigue and strain.

Sound too good to be true? With the right techniques, knowledge, and equipment, these life-changing results can be yours.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started on the right path to a pain-free life.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Without the right tools, you can't perform the stretches and positions needed to restore your posture and achieve back health.

The PowerCushion™

Investing in the PowerCushion™ is the first step toward embracing a more powerful life. Unlike other devices that rely mainly on your own body weight as the primary force, the PowerCushion™ uses muscle memory to correct spinal posture.

Other products that are advertised as proven back pain solutions only offer temporary relief. None of these products achieve the only true solution to long-term relief -- helping your spine regain its lost curvature.

The PowerCushion™ triggers your back muscles to assist in holding the spine correctly using a fulcrum, muscle contraction, and opposing forces.

The Back Trac and Lumbar Rolls are two more innovative products by Creatrix Solutions to help achieve ideal curvature.

The Neck Shaper Kit

The Neck Shaper Kit is designed to treat the problem at its source. Hours of leaning over a desk or smartphone cause unnecessary strain. Without performing exercises to reverse these positions and movements, the pain and discomfort you feel will settle in your back.

Did you know that several types of back pain actually stem from tightened muscles, pinched nerves, and decreased blood flow -- all originating in the neck?

Neck Shaper Kit

The Neck Shaper fits comfortably on your face thanks to a cushioned forehead and chin rest. When held in the proper position, you can place gentle pressure on your face, stretching your neck muscles and reversing potential damage.

Use the Right Techniques to Relieve Back Pain

There are countless exercises and stretches online that promise fast, long-term results for back pain. But none of them address the core of the problem -- your core!

Here are some of our favorite exercises and stretches for improving posture and achieving the ideal spine curvature:

The Spinal Rotation Exercise

This first exercise is recommended for beginners and the elderly. As with any new fitness regime, consult with your doctor before trying any of these stretches or exercises.

Spinal braces offer the support you need to perform the spinal rotation exercise. If you've had a recent spinal injury, avoid this particular exercise.

When you're ready, sit on a comfortable flat surface and arch your lower back while raising your chin. Then, raise your arms to shoulder height with your elbows bent out to the side. Rotate your entire spine, both ways, leading with your head.

This is a simple exercise that you can perform in the morning and at night. Try rotating between 20 and 30 times each way.

Before bed, lay on the floor using support structures of your choice to help restore and maintain the proper curve in your spine.

The purpose of this exercise is to get the center of your spinal discs to a fluid state where they can be properly molded. Relaxing the spinal muscles in this way may also help you achieve more restful sleep.

The Sit-Up Exercise

When you can properly and safely move through a wide range of motions, you can incorporate the sit-up exercise into your routine. This move helps you achieve the intended S-shape in your spine.

You'll need the PowerCushion™ to perform this particular stretch. Sit with your lower back comfortably against the flat side of the cushion. Lean back to create minor tension on the abdominal muscles. Control your breathing and inhale as you arch backward over the cushion. Stop if you feel any pulling, pain, or discomfort.

Tilt your neck backward, looking behind you, for the best range of motion.

As you exhale, start to perform a sit-up motion while still leaning on the cushion. Gravity and your abdominal muscles will help you naturally inhale and exhale as you move through the exercise. If possible, hold your hands out straight as if you're holding an imaginary ball or weight.

The goal here is for all the lumbar vertebrae in your spine to line up.

The Pelvic Tilt

Do you have a strong, healthy back and want to keep it that way? Then this next exercise is for you.

You can perform the pelvic tilt alone or with a partner. This exercise creates leverage in the lower portion of the spinal column using resistance and pressure from an outside object.

This is another exercise that requires either the PowerCushion™ or another support system or fulcrum. If you have a partner, they can apply pressure to the outside of your hips, firmly pushing down while you lay on the fulcrum for support and to achieve the desired arch.

Arch your back over the cushion and have your partner put pressure on your pelvis. If you're doing this exercise alone, you'll need a weight stack machine for resistance. Whatever outside pressure you use, it must be steady and secure, and easily removed if you experience sudden pain or discomfort.

With the pressure applied, breathe in as you recline over the cushion and breathe out as you move your pelvis upward. This movement is similar to what you did in the sit-up exercise described above. The combination of downward force and upward pull is what puts your joints into orthopedic alignment.

Unlike the other exercises listed here, which aim to achieve the S-shaped spine, the pelvic tilt is designed more for restoring the strength in your lower back. It may also help correct complications caused by bulged discs, pinched nerves, and other disabilities.

The Neck Exercise

You've already read how the Neck Shaper Kit can help alleviate back pain by reversing the side effects of poor posture. The neck exercise helps your spine become more flexible. The end goal is to achieve a healthy S-shape curve in your lower back.

You can perform this exercise either with or without equipment. This is one of the simpler exercises you can perform to promote proper posture and alignment.

Slightly put your head backward while bending and stretching your neck. Imagine yourself staring at something on the ceiling.

Next, gently apply pressure to your face near your sinuses. Slowly lower your head down, pushing against the resistance of your hand until your chin returns to a level position.

Now, keep your chin level and your hand in place on your face as you relax your neck muscles and gently push your head backward.

Discover Newfound Flexibility and Health Using Spinal Fitness

Man with Poor Posture

People often attribute their back pain to too many hours on their feet, being overweight, or simply old age. While some of these factors can cause discomfort, you need to look at the science to uncover back pain solutions that really work.

Our Spinal Fitness Program focuses on restoring your body's natural S-shaped curvature while promoting muscle memory, flexibility, and good posture.

With our revolutionary exercises and equipment, you can reclaim your healthy lifestyle without the need for costly and risky medications or procedures.

Learn more about our mission here. From skincare and supplements to air purifiers, we've got everything you need to lead a happy, healthy life.