Do you have back or neck pain? Do you want to improve your athletic ability?

Creatrix Solutions offers a suite of exercise products to help fix back and neck pain and enhance athletic performance, based on the mathematical research and experience of Dr. John Scherger. All of our solutions can be used in the comfort of your own home, but they are also portable, allowing you to bring them with you on the go! From our Neck Shaper that uses exercises to fix tech neck and forward head posture to our comfortable Back Trac Foam Roller that massages the spine into better alignment, Creatrix Solutions offers products that can finally improve your spinal curve for true SPINAL FITNESS!

We also offer a series of Neck & Low Back Foam Rollers that come in five sizes and three foam densities to allow each person the individual support that works best for their body. If you are new to Creatrix Solutions Foam Rollers, we created a Sizing Kit and Demo Video to help determine which sizes and densities are right for you!

Also, don't forget to download our free PDF Exercise Guides to learn how to achieve ideal posture and strength for immediate results AND long-term success!