Spinal Fitness and Exercise

The Neck Shaper Kit Helps with Neck and Back Pain

Everyone has had back pain or knows someone who does, and the USA spends $100 Billion on back pain every year. That is a huge problem and to really eliminate back pain, you must fix spinal curvature. The secret to living without back pain is to train your spine to have the best shape, a shape that has the mechanical advantage in gravity. Those tight muscles are the body's attempt to keep the spine from drifting farther from the ideal shape. When your back is flat, and your neck is forward gravity is your enemy and the body will consume massive amounts of energy to keep your body from falling flat. Ever have tight muscles and feel fatigued? No wonder!

It takes 18 years to develop the S-shaped spine, and most people never attain the ideal shape because proper training is not being taught. In fact, some popular exercises encourage loss of curvature and increase force against two critical muscles, instead of strengthening those core muscles.

When ideal curvature is absent the angle of gravitational force reverses and instead of pushing facet bone to facet bone like a vice, the multifidus and interspinales muscles are strained to the point of failure. Athletic training methods have ignored the multifidus and interspinales muscles and how those core muscles can strengthen the core and restore ideal curvature.

The true cause of back pain is loss of curvature plus gravity that tightens muscles, pinches nerves, restricts movement, and decreases blood flow. The spine is a mechanical piece of equipment that functions within tight tolerances based on shape within the gravitational forces of earth. Ideal curvature is mathematical and was explained best by the late Dr. John S. Scherger who coined Spinal Fitness and worked with various NFL teams, including the New England Patriots, New York Giants, New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys.

How To Use the Neck and Back Shaper Sizing Kit

How to Size the Neck

The Creatrix Spinal Fitness Equipment line will include the: Neck Shaper, Power Cushion, Neck and Lumbar Rolls, Back Trac, Force Applicators and Weight Stack Machine.

In loving memory of the late Dr. John S. Scherger, who inspired inventor Eileen Durfee to develop spinal fitness equipment based on his mathematical concepts.

Be sure to check out our Sizing Kit before deciding which diameter or density of foam roller to purchase. It is important that you start with the appropriate size for best results.


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