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Back Trac 6.00" Hard Foam Roll

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Expected release date is Jan 31st 2022

Back Trac 6.00" Hard Roll

The patented Back Trac roll is twelve (12) inches long with a groove for the spinous to float and supporting edges for the transverse process portion of the vertebrae.  While lying over the Back Trac roll, you move the trunk of your body and roll the Back Trac up and down the spine between the low back and shoulder blades. We recommend using the Back Trac before performing the Back-Twist exercise and lying over both properly sized Neck and Back Shaper rolls to passively encourage ideal curvature.  

The Back Trac 6.00" diameter roll is available in two (2) densities:  Medium and Hard.  To improve curvature of the spine, alignment of individual vertebrae are important.  The 360 degree groove puts just the right amount of pressure on the outside edges (transverse process) of each vertebrae.  Each joint gets gently stretched and it is very common to hear your back pop during the rolling exercise, as vertebrae are aligned.