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Hot Yoga Portable Tent

The new Hot Yoga and Exercise portable indoor radiant near infrared sauna tent is now available for pre-order!

Hot Yoga and Exercise Tent

The Sauna Fix® indoor portable radiant Hot Yoga and Exercise sauna tent is made of a thicker radiant material that retains 95% heat and is taller, longer, stronger, more fire safe and energy efficient than the preceding model. Even though it has been created for use with the NIR sauna lamp, such as the most recent model of Sauna Fix® (sold separately), it is incredibly multi-functional. The exterior of the patented Hot Yoga sauna tent (U.S. Utility Patent granted on 7/3/2018) currently has a mesmerizing, golden wood grain pattern design and organic dark brown cotton trim.

Assemble and adjust your sauna tent quickly and start taking near infrared sauna in a lying down, sitting, or standing position. It will retain heat and boost the healing effects of NIR light therapy better than canvas or cotton sauna tents. None of the materials radiant sauna tent panels or tent frame poles are made of outgas dangerous chemicals or emit nasty smells.

New radiant sauna tent includes organic bamboo floor mats with radiant backing and 2 bags to easily store or transport the tent panels, frame poles, and mats.