How to Improve Athletic Training to Maximize Athletic Performance

Elite athletes need to make spinal fitness a top priority! A strong and correctly shaped spine means enhanced athletic ability, PLUS a lower chance of injury. Our spinal fitness products and exercises are used by NFL players, MLB players, UFC fighters, and other top athletes from various sports to help them run faster, jump higher, and hit harder! We are also recommended by coaches, trainers, chiropractors, and physical therapists looking to rebalance the muscles, ligaments, and vertebrae.

Looking to Maximize Athletic Training?

Athletes, trainers, and coaches love Creatrix Solutions products because it takes their "game" to the next level. In addition to our products that align the spine and neck (to restore the correct curve for optimal spinal health), our products for athletic performance help to INCREASE:


How Can We Help You Win?

Just a few minutes of training with our "Spinal Fitness Exercise Products" can take your athletic abilities to the next level by loosening hamstrings, increasing flexibility, and improving posture! Elite athletes see tremendous results in their first session with our products and posture correction exercises.  

Increase Flexibility by 2-5 Inches!  (+)

In just one session of working with Eileen Durfee (inventor and owner of Creatrix Solutions) and our "Spinal Fitness Exercise Products," athletes are gaining 2-5 inches of flexibility!

In only 10 minutes of working with UFC fighter Marlon "Chito" Vera, he went from his fingertips being three inches above the ground to touching the floor (see photo)! He gained over three inches of flexibility!

How did Eileen do this? She showed him three exercises every top athlete should do at least three times per week:

To overcome gravity, and injuries sustained in sports, daily spinal fitness exercises are recommended. John S. Scherger, D.C. always said "just like brushing and flossing the teeth you want to keep, you must do the neck flexion, pelvic tilt, and sit-up over the power cushion, to get or keep the S-Shaped spine".

Marlon "Chito" Vera (UFC) gained over three inches of flexibility after ten (10) repetitions of three (3) spinal fitness exercises, in 10 minutes.

Transform Hip Strength & Jump Power!  (+)

Transform your hip strength, kick power, and jump height with an powerful exercise called the Pelvic Tilt! The secret to creating explosive power is to improve low backbone alignment by performing this small hip motion exercise on the Power Cushion with a partner providing increased resistance (leverage) against the anterior superior iliac spines of the hips.

The new Force Applicators clamp onto weight bars and provide increased leverage to develop the rectus abdominus muscle, while simultaneously shearing back L5 on L4. The enhanced alignment loosens hamstrings and increases stride length, speed, jump height, power, and strength.

The pelvic tilt exercise performed on top of the Power Cushion corrects both segmental and global posture. The groove lets the spinous float, and the body weight and added leverage realign vertebrae into an ideal location, minimizing subluxations and even scoliosis.

Relaxed Position

The pelvic tilt exercise has a variety of variations to strengthen the core and prevent postural imbalances. Using the Power Cushion with its patented shape and groove allows the spinous to float so body weight with leverage can realign vertebrae during the pelvic tilt movement. You begin and end the pelvic tilt in the relaxed position. During exercise the multifidus, transverse abdominis, and rectus abdominis are engaged and strengthened.

Pelvic Tilt Position

When laying over the Power Cushion, absolute tension is created by keeping the upper body extended flat to get the rectus abdominus at its resting length. Then leverage on top of the hip bones, with thrusting the pelvic bone up during the tilt motion shears vertebrae L5 back on L4. Shear is created because the direction of muscle pull is in the opposite direction of the leverage added on top of the hip bones. This action reverses bulged discs, pinched nerves, and opens nerve canals to a more normal state.

Maximize Core Strength with a Proper Sit-Up!  (+)

Stop doing regular sit-ups and crunches immediately because they can damage your spine! Instead, learn how to do a proper sit-up over a fulcrum point on the Power Cushion.

Relaxed Position

Sit Up Position

Train Your Spine to Have the Correct Curve!  (+)

For athletes to take their performance to the next level, we recommend our maroon firm Back Trac for massaging the spine into optimal alignment and our maroon firm Neck and Low Back Foam Rollers. (Note: If there is an injury to the back or neck, athletes can start with the orange medium Back Trac and either the light blue soft or orange medium Neck and Low Back Foam Rollers).

To get the proper curve in your spine, follow these steps:

  1. 25 spinal twists (see our Free PDF Guide)
  2. 15-20 minutes lying on the Creatrix Solutions Neck and Low Back Foam Rollers
  3. 10-20 rolls of your full back on the Back Trac foam roller
  4. 6 neck flexions with the Neck Shaper, 3-6 times per day
  5. 5-10 sit-ups over the Power Cushion, incrementally increase over time
  6. 5-10 pelvic tilts on the Power Cushion, incrementally increase over time

Learning how to use the Back Trac.

(Click (+) above to expand or contract.)

Why Is Posture Important?

Athletes with good posture are better positioned to win because "good posture" beats "poor posture" every time. Segmental posture problems can include scoliosis; plus, poor posture means injuries are expected. So, how do you know who will win?

It doesn't matter who:

  • Trains the hardest
  • Wants it the most
  • Has the best genes

The athlete who wins has the correct:

  • Global posture
  • Segmental posture

Global posture is achieved through an S-shaped spine, which will reduce or eliminate scoliosis curvature.

Ready to win? Through incremental training, learn how to correct your global and segmental posture.

Improve Athletic Performance
by Maximizing Spinal Fitness

Posture Corrector Cushions

Strengthen Your Back, Neck, & Core

Train smarter with our Power Cushion, so you can run faster, jump higher, and hit harder!

Some weight lifting and the traditional sit-up exercise can cause issues with your spine. The best way to increase stride length, running speed, and jump height is to perform the sit-up and neck flexion exercises on our Power Cushion! Correctly performing these exercises enables your body to quickly build true core strength and flexible hamstrings as your spine is induced into the ideal S-shaped curve!

Enhance Sports Performance with Posture Correction Exercises

Why Are Traditional Sit-ups BAD?

Lifting the body's trunk towards a C-shape creates posterior shear during the typical unsupported sit-up. With the S-shaped posture, anterior shear forces push the facet bones, locking them like a vice. When bending the spine into a C-shape, shear forces change direction and become posterior shear and strain spinal discs (that act as ligaments), ligaments, and the multifidus and interspinal muscles. This repeated strain encourages loss of curvature and creates bulged discs, pinched nerves, and spinal stenosis.

Never do a regular sit-up again because:

  1. The pelvic tilt strengthens the rectus abdominal muscles.
  2. The sit-up over our Power Cushion strengthens the external oblique muscles.

Neck Shaper

Achieve a Thicker, Stronger, Curved Neck

Fix neck problems and build a thicker, stronger, curved neck with neck flexion exercises using our Neck Shaper!

Traditionally, athletes have used machines and neck harnesses to strengthen muscles with resistance, but these fall short in many ways and can cause spine issues. The good news is that exercises for stiff necks can be safely and effectively performed with our special equipment. Our Neck Shaper force applicator, foam rolls, and Power Cushion Neck Attachment provide safety with proper grooved posterior support.

Whatever stress your neck endured during the day, learn how to #ShapeAway your neck pain with just six repetitions of the neck flexion exercise!


UFC Fighter Luke Rockhold

Comedian Matt Rife

MLB Player Daniel "Jet" Johnson

MLB Player Greg Vaughn

Fighter Gilbert Melendez

Near Infrared Sauna

Relieve Pain & Recover Faster

For optimal muscle recovery and pain relief from a workout or game day, use our Sauna Fix red heat lamp bulbs with our reflective tent for the ultimate in sauna results!

Our Hot Yoga Sauna Studio and Portable Sauna (take it with you!) give you all the benefits of Four Types of Light Therapy:

  1. Red light therapy
  2. Near-infrared therapy
  3. Mid-infrared therapy
  4. Far infrared therapy

We also have a height extension kit for athletes over 6' 1", so you can stand and stretch in our saunas!


MLB Pitcher Ian Gibaut

MLB Pitcher Tyson Ross

MLB Player Taylor Motter

The Science Behind Creatrix Solutions

Whether you suffer from back pain and/or neck pain and need help with spinal alignment or you are an elite athlete looking to optimize athletic performance, Creatrix Solutions has the equipment, knowledge, and training resources to help you achieve optimal spinal fitness results! Our spinal fitness exercise products are based on the science and experience of Dr. John S. Scherger. Dr. Scherger helped teams like the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, New York Giants, and New York Jets achieve miraculous success at training their athletes and choosing the best players to draft based on their spinal fitness! Dr. John S. Scherger explained muscle attachments do not change. Therefore, when improper spinal posture impairs function and movement, weightlifting focused only on muscle development will NOT improve physical performance.

Dr. John S. Scherger said, "… must get the proper spinal structure first. Then the extra power the muscles generate can be put to productive use. Without the proper spinal structure, what muscles create in the form of the resultant force will not be stabilized properly and therefore will not be effective in producing physical movements like running, jumping, and hitting.”

Assess Your Spinal Fitness NOW!

Great athletes need an S-shaped spinal curve to help prevent injury and enhance athletic power for running, jumping, and hitting. Download our FREE PDF Guide on Athletic Performance to assess your current athletic ability and identify the spinal fitness goals you can work towards to maximize your athletic performance!

Looking to Fix Your Back or Neck Pain?

If you suffer from pain or injury, our foam rollers can help relieve pain and reshape the spinal curve in the neck and lower back to the shape you were meant to have! 

Even if you have disc issues or nerve pain, our customers achieve dramatic success and improve their spinal health with our Neck Shaper, Foam Rollers, and Free PDF Exercise Guides.

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Our customers include chiropractors, physical therapists, medical professionals, patients, elite athletes, and more, including Luke Rockhold, Tyson Ross, Nate Diaz, Nick Diaz, Gilbert Melendez, Matt Rife, Taylor Motter, Jet Johnson, Ian Gilbaut, Greg Vaughn, and J L Skinner.

Luke Rockhold, Two-Time World Champion, UFC Fighter

Luke Rockhold uses Creatrix Solutions products, including the Neck Shaper, Foam Rollers, Back Trac, and Power Cushion, to return from injury, avoid surgery, and train for his upcoming fights! Go Luke!!!

Free PDF Exercise Guides

Exercises We Recommend and Exercises To Avoid
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Exercises We Recommend and Exercises to Avoid

Learn the importance of quality training and what makes Spinal Fitness an essential part of any exercise and treatment program.

How to do the sit-up properly
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How to do the Sit-Up

The sit-up can be performed over a specifically designed exercise support fulcrum called the Posture Corrector Cushion or a sleeping bag. Learn how to do a proper sit-up in this guide.

Spinal Twist Exercise
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How To Do the Spinal Twist

The Spinal Twist enables the middle of the spinal discs to return to their fluid state. In this "gelled state," the spine can best be "molded" with the neck and back shaper spinal brace supports. This allows the spinal muscles to relax, so your whole body is prepared for restful sleep.

How to do the pelvic tilt exercise
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How to do the Pelvic Tilt

The purpose of this exercise is to support a strong lower back that is orthopedically correct. This can also help to treat pathologies, including out-of-place bones or bulged discs that can cause pain, pinched nerves, and/or disability.


Neck Flexion Exercise
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How to do the Neck Flexion

This exercise supports movement through a range of motion (while in an upright position) to develop resistance from horizontal forces against the neck muscles. Your lower back should develop a curve if you correctly perform this exercise.


How To Evaluate Spinal Curvature and Athletic Ability
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How to Evaluate Spinal Curvature and Athletic Ability

This guide provides a scientific way to determine if you have underlying poor spinal posture that could put you at risk of injury. Dr. John S. Scherger used these principles to consult professional NFL teams to pick superior athletes and taught them how to get and maintain the Correct Neutral Spine.