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Organic Sauna Hat

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Sauna Hat With Ties

Organic Sauna Hat

Increase body temperature faster, while protecting your hair from near infrared sauna heat!

Cover your head and/or hair with the Organic Sauna Hat made from organic bamboo cotton fleece. The use of hat raises the body's core temperature more quickly for maximum benefits. This allows you to sweat more and even faster than without it. 

The hat is absorbent to wick away sweat from the sauna and carefully crafted with our exclusive custom milled organic bamboo 80%/cotton 20% 528gm m3 fleece.

Near infrared sauna therapy with the Sauna Fix offers numerous healing benefits. Ensure you get the best possible experience by retaining the healing near infrared light where it matters most, while also protecting your head and hair. 

To use: Place over head with the fuzzy side of fleece against your head or hair. Arrange so the fold-over elastic ties are at the nape of the neck, and the longer part of the hat is twisted over your head.  Tie the ties together at the back of the head. 

Dimensions: The hat is 21 inches long, with ties extending out another 20 inches. The ties can be trimmed to length. 

Made in the USA from domestic and imported materials. Craftsmanship includes stitching seams with Gutemann sew all 100% polyester thread, and 3 needle coverstitch using Gutermann Toldi-Lock 100% polyester thread.