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Sauna ION Generator

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Breathe Safe Sauna ION Generator

The Breathe Safe® sauna ion generator generates plasma with continuous negative ions to supplement sauna therapy. It helps kill germs, remove odor, and boost oxygen levels at the same time. 

Breathe Safe Portable Air Purifier and Sauna Booster

This machine is small, but mighty. At 11.1 ounces, the ion generator uses only 2 watts of power to disperse more than 23 million plasma ions per cubic centimeter. Negative ions freshen the air and help keep the sauna environment free of bacteria and odors.  The compact and portable size makes it perfect to use in small spaces. 

Laboratory testing demonstrates that a person who uses the Breathe Safe ION generator inside a 3 m³ test chamber for 30 minutes at a 100 cm distance will inhale 56,000 negative ions per cm³, as well as increase their oxygen levels by 17%.  This plasma generator has been thoroughly tested and proven for safety and effectiveness, and is both CE and RoHS certified. 

Power Options:

The Breathe Safe Sauna ION Generator comes with numerous power source options.  The device comes with an Adapta plug Tip "H" USB cord and can be used with any USB outlet. A 110 volt outlet power cord and 12 volt power outlet attachment are included. You may also wish to use a small 5.5A Output battery pack (not included) to operate the device. If you purchase an external battery pack to use with the plasma generator, we recommend attaching it with Velcro to the bottom or backside of the machine. 

How to Operate

Breathe Safe Cleaning and Operating Instructions

You may choose from three different operation modes:

  • To produce ongoing plasma – select the Green flashing light
  • To cycle plasma on for 2 minutes and off for 1 minute – use the Blue flashing light
  • To cycle plasma on for 1 minute and off for 2 minutes – choose the Red flashing light

The machine is turned off if there is any color of light that is not flashing. 

Unit Maintenance and Optional Use

The Breathe Safe ION Generator does not require much maintenance, but we do recommend cleaning it from time to time, depending on how much dust is in your environment.  Dust collection inside the machine can hinder ion production. To clean, turn the machine 90 degrees, and use an old toothbrush to wipe out the dust. It is not necessary to remove the top cover to clean. 

When you are not taking a sauna, you may place the Breathe Safe on your counter, desk, night stand, or even take it with you in the car to reap the benefits of negative ions and increase your oxygen levels. The plasma ions fight against contaminants such as dust, bacteria, mold, pollen, viruses, particulates, and Volatile Organic Compounds to boost the quality of air no matter where you are.