Sizing Kit: What Size Foam Roller Is Right For Me?

Introducing Our NEW "Sizing Kit"

What size foam roller is right for your neck and low back? Creatrix Solutions offers neck foam rollers and low back foam rollers in five different diameter sizes (2.75", 3.00", 3.25", 3.50", and 3.75") and three different foam densities {light blue (soft), orange (medium), and maroon (firm)}. The neck foam rollers are seven (7) inches long, and the low back foam rollers are twelve (12) inches long. With so many options, it can be difficult to figure out what size and density you need. That's why we have a solution to measure your starting point and offer bundles of rollers.

How Can the Sizing Kit Help?

To help determine what size and density foam roller is suitable for your neck and low back, we have created an all-new sizing kit that includes miniature versions of all five sizes and all three densities! We highly recommend getting the sizing kit to determine the appropriate size and density for you and everyone else in your household.

Alternatively, you can order one of our Foam Roller Sets to have all the various sizes, so you can start working towards your back pain, neck pain, and spinal fitness goals right away! (If you are new to our products, we'd recommend starting with the Light Blue Soft Foam Roller Set).

How to Use the Sizing Kit

Watch Eileen Durfee, an inventor at Creatrix Solutions, demonstrate how to use the Sizing Kit to find the perfect neck and back foam roller sizes so you can achieve your spinal fitness goals!

When your sizing kit arrives, try the various rolls to comfortably fill up and support your neck and low back curves. (Watch the video for instructions on how to determine your sizes. You'll want your current size, plus one size bigger, to gently improve your curvature. Then, you can order the best sizes to start your spinal fitness journey!

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Save 10% by Getting a Set! If you want to get started immediately, we recommend getting the complete set of "soft" foam rollers so you have all the sizes. (Regular price $390.44)

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