Neck Strain & Neck Pain Exercises

Your neck pain can be alleviated through the "at home" neck strain exercises and tools that Creatrix Solutions developed from the research and mathematical equations of Dr. John S. Scherger! For anyone suffering from herniated or bulging disc in the neck, neck strains, numbness, nerve pain, "Tech Neck," and other neck pain issues, the recommended treatment is to fix the curve of your neck (cervical spine) and strengthen the muscles in that new "correct" position, called the S-shaped curve. The two top causes of neck strain or neck pain are a forward head posture and a straight neck, because the improper posture can cause pain, which over time can cause further problems.

Why is Neck Curve Important?

Curved Posture Is Best

The more forward your head posture, the more weight you'll be carrying on your neck. The more weight you carry, the more damage that can be done to your discs, vertebrae and nerves. A neck that has a proper curve is a neck without pain!

The Neck Turn Test

If you turn your head to the side and can't reach your shoulders equally on both sides, your neck or head are not in proper alignment. Individuals with proper posture can turn their heads to the side AND lead with their eyes.

What is Tech Neck?

Our necks are so abused in today's world of technology that it is often necessary for most people to RESHAPE their neck into the correct curved position and STRENGTHEN the muscles of the cervical spine.

"Tech Neck" is happening as children, teens and adults are "looking down" on their phones, tablets and computers for hours every day; with nothing being done to reverse the effects of those repetitive positions and movements. This unnatural posture creates a strain on the alignment of the head, neck, and shoulders, and causes pain. And pain can lead to disc problems, pinched nerves, and so on. But the good new is... the solution is easy!

How Can You Fix Neck Pain "At Home"?

The Neck Shaper® was built in honor of Dr. Scherger and his work with NFL teams, including the NY Giants, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, and NY Jets. He explained ideal curvature and how it all begins with the neck. He also found that the true cause of pain is loss of curvature + gravity that tightens muscles, pinches nerves, restricts movement, and decreases blood flow.

To relieve neck pain and neck strain, Creatrix Solutions created two very important exercise tools that you can use "at home" and also easily bring with you "on-the-go." Even our most severe customers that were scheduled for neck surgery have been helped by our tools and exercises, without needing any surgical intervention! The Neck Shaper® and our Neck Foam Rollers were developed specifically for neck pain.

Neck Pain Exercise Tools

The Neck Shaper®

Getting a chiropractic adjustment may relieve pain, but if you don't strengthen the supporting muscles, the vertebrae will not hold. The Neck Shaper® focuses attention on those tiny muscles, strengthening them as it shapes the curve of the neck into the correct position. (The Neck Shaper can be used either standing or lying down on our Power Cushion.)

Neck Foam Rollers

Lying on our Neck Foam Rollers allows the ligaments and muscles to naturally relax into improved alignment, and helps relieve forward head posture and straight necks. When laying on our neck foam roller and our low back foam roller at the same time, a comfortable traction is created that increases the spinal curve for optimal spinal health.

The Neck Shaper®


UFC Fighter Luke Rockhold

Comedian Matt Rife

MLB Player Daniel "Jet" Johnson

MLB Player Greg Vaughn

Fighter Gilbert Melendez

Fix Your Neck Pain NOW

Fix neck problems and build a stronger neck through Neck Flexion exercises on The Neck Shaper®!

The Neck Shaper® applies force to the face while performing the Neck Flexion exercise. This tool fits comfortably on the face with a forehead and chin rest. The force is applied with the bar placed at a mathematical position between the forehead and chin. The user can grip the Neck Shaper® with or without the bar, and apply force with hands, bar weights or resistance bands.

While performing the Neck Flexion movement with The Neck Shaper® , not only will you improve your cervical curve, but you will also feel an improvement in your lower back. As you exercise, your body will start to align into the correct position of the head over the pelvis and you will gain the S-shaped spine. The bar is one inch (1") in diameter and common plate weights can be added for additional force and resistance.

Whatever stress your neck endured during the day, #ShapeAway your neck pain with just 6 repetitions of the Neck Flexion exercise with The Neck Shaper®!

How to Perform the Neck Flexion Exercise

Step 1: In standing position, with feet hip-width apart, keep shoulders down, back, and relaxed. Stretch neck gently backwards, looking up in a fully extended position.

Step 2: Hold The Neck Shaper®on face with or without bar/bands/weights, and apply gentle force.

Step 3: Keep applying force, and use neck muscles to move against resistance, and slowly drop chin to the level position. This is just like nodding your head versus pushing forward.

Step 4: With chin in the level position, relax muscles and push straight back with The Neck Shaper®, keeping the chin level.

FREE Neck Flexion PDF Guide

Download our FREE “Neck Strengthening Exercises PDF Guide” for the BEST neck strengthening exercise, called the Neck Flexion. This exercise supports movement through a range of motion while in an upright position to develop resistance from horizontal forces against the neck muscles. If you correctly perform this exercise, your lower back should develop a curve.

Use on the Power Cushion

Strengthen Your Back, Neck & Core

While you can perform the Neck Flexion exercise with the Neck Shaper® while STANDING UP, you can also enhance your training by also performing it LAYING DOWN on our Power Cushion!


Why Other Neck Devices Do NOT Work

You will find many different products online that promise to help with neck pain, but they do NOT fix the problem. Here's why:

  • Neck Traction Devices: A traction device that fills with air will provide immediate relief of the pressure by increasing space between the vertebrae. However, this only works as long as you are wearing the device on your neck. As soon as you remove it, everything goes right back to its old location. Plus, this doesn't fix anything. Providing artificial support on your neck "trains" your muscles and ligaments to rely on that device, making them weaker. So over time, your condition can worsen.
  • Neck Decompression Devices: Hanging you neck off a strap on the door or pulling your neck with a strap from the wall produces results by force, which can be damaging. (Not to mention what happens if the strap loosens or breaks!) These products attempt to relieve pressure on cervical discs, but they force you into "straight" neck posture, which is the opposite of cervical health. A straight neck causes pain. A healthy curve causes a healthy, pain-free neck!

Why "Old School" Neck Strengthening Does NOT Work

Athletes looking to get a "thick neck" will sometimes train with a weight machine or head / neck harness, and then add weights. Body muscle overload training does NOT make strong joints. This is the OPPOSITE of strengthening your neck, because it can be very damaging to your cervical spine! Hanging your head down into a forward head posture will work against gravity, but it can also pull the vertebrae out of alignment. Plus, doing these exercises can cause your head to tilt and favor one side or the other, making your neck or head crooked, or off-balance.

In fact, using these tools to strengthen muscles with resistance:

  • Can cause posterior shear that strains spinal discs and ligaments
  • Can easily fatigue the multifidus and interspinales muscles
  • Can NOT restore proper global curvature to the neck

Exposing the spine to posterior shear should be avoided at all costs. We developed The Neck Shaper® force applicator, along with the Neck & Low Back Foam Rollers and Power Cushion Neck Attachment, to provide properly grooved posterior support so you can gain true spinal alignment and strength.

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Luke Rockhold, Two-Time World Champion, UFC Fighter

Luke Rockhold is using Creatrix Solutions products, including the Neck Shaper, Foam Rollers, Back Trac, and Power Cushion to come back from injury, avoid surgery, and train for his upcoming fights! Go Luke!!!

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