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Back Shaper Foam Roller Set - Soft, Medium, Hard

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Back Shaper Foam Roller Set - Soft, Medium, Hard 

The Back Shaper Foam Rollers can be effectively used to help a person correct their posture and relieve pain. Each spinal fitness lumbar roll measures seven (7) inches in length and features a groove design that enables the spinous to float, as well as supporting edges for the transverse process portion of the vertebrae. A person will feel their tight muscles relax when they lie over one of these yoga rollers, indicating the vertebrae is shifting into the ideal position. 

There are three densities (soft, medium, hard) and five diameters (2.75", 3.00", 3.25", 3.50", 3.75") available. We suggest you purchase the Sizing Kit so you can figure out which once is ideal to begin with. You will be able to slowly increase the density and diameter over time.

This bundle includes all the available Neck Shaper Foam Rollers: 

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