Neck & Back Shaper Foam Roller Set - Hard

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Neck & Back Shaper Foam Roller Set - Hard


The Neck Shaper and Back Shaper Foam Rollers are patented lumbar rolls and posture correctors that are wonderful for enhancing spinal fitness. Each foam roller is seven (7) inches long and is designed with a groove that allows the spinous to float, as well as supporting edges for the transverse process portion of the vertebrae. Lying over one of these yoga rollers enables your tight muscles to relax, letting the vertebrae shift into the ideal location to help correct posture. 

Each type of foam roller is available in different densities (soft, medium, hard) and diameters (2.75", 3.00", 3.25", 3.50", 3.75"). It is important to make sure you are using the properly-sized foam rollers in order to passively encourage ideal curvature. We strongly recommend the Sizing Kit so you can determine which foam roller diameter to start with. You may then gradually increase the diameter and density of the foam roller as your body's curvature improves. 

This particular bundle set comes with all of the hard Neck Shaper Foam Rollers and all of the Back Shaper Foam Rollers in every available size.  

If the Soft or Medium sets of the Neck and Back Shaper Foam Rollers would be better suited for you, you can click the link to purchase one of those instead. Remember to determine the correct diameter and density of foam roller for you with the Sizing Kit.