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Neck & Back Shaper Foam Roller Set - Soft

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Neck & Back Shaper Foam Roller Set - Soft

The Neck Shaper and Back Shaper Foam Rollers are excellent patented posture correctors used to help enhance spinal fitness. Every yoga roller is seven (7) inches long and is designed with a groove to allow the spinous to float. There are also supporting edges for the transverse process portion of the vertebrae. As a person lies on one of these foam rollers, they will feel their tight muscles relax as the vertebrae shifts into its proper posture. 

There are several different densities (soft, medium, hard) and diameters (2.75", 3.00", 3.25", 3.50", 3.75") of each foam roller. We strongly recommend you purchase the Sizing Kit to determine which one is ideal for you to start out with. After you are experienced with your initial size of foam roller, you can gradually increase the diameter and density while your body's curvature improves. 

This specific bundle set comes with all of the soft density Neck Shaper Foam Rollers and all of the Back Shaper Foam Rollers in each possible size.  

You can purchase the Medium or Hard densities of these foam rollers if one of those would fit you better. Remember to check out the Sizing Kit to first determine what diameter and density is right for you.