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Tri-Oxy® PURE 5g/Hr Water Ozonator

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 Tri-Oxy® PURE 5g/Hr Water Ozonator

Supply your home with ozone gas with the 5g/hr Tri-Oxy PURE, which enables you to dissolve ozone straight into your water line. Ozone is dissolved at concentrations that are high enough for multiple uses, such as in the bathroom or kitchen sink, or with a laundry machine. Ozone is beneficial no matter which water line you use it with.

ozone diffusion bubble vs venturi

PURE specifications:

  • 100 Watts
  • AC 110v/60 Hz
  • Ozone Concentration: 1-3 PPM (adjustable)

The PURE provides an at-home, affordable solution for instant ozone that is generated at beneficial concentration levels that, when properly degassed, do not reach toxic ambient ozone levels. This high ozone concentration helps reduce or remove bacteria, fungus, pesticides, spores, toxins, and viruses from food, clothes, and plants. Studies also show that exposure to even just 0.1 mg of ozone per liter of water for 15 minutes thoroughly kills E-Coli.

Ozone takes significantly less contact time than Chlorine to effectively kill, and also requires lower concentrations than conventional biocides.  Ozone has shown to be the most efficient Biocide with increased lethality.  In addition, Polio virus types I, II, III, as well as other problem microbes, are inactivated, as shown in the below table, when exposed to low concentrations of ozone. 

Create instant ozonated water by injecting ozone directly into the water line with a venturi tee (not included).  The use of a venturi enables you to create an ozonated water flow of 200L-400L/H. 

Installation of the Tri-Oxy PURE system is not for the average plumber or homeowner. If your PSI is too high, or water flow too low, the venturi will not be able to create suction to operate the device. If you live in an area with high elevation, you will also need greater volume of water flow to produce suction. 

The PURE uses DC 5V control system, and also has an intelligent micro-pressure start-stop system. It does not require daily maintenance.