Tri-Oxy PURE Ozone Systems

Get On-Demand Ozone for Semi-Commercial and Residential Use with Tri-Oxy® PURETri-Oxy Pure Ozone Production Systems

Clean your food, wash your hands, or instantly do laundry with on-demand ozonated water using the Tri-Oxy® PURE high-capacity ozone systems. Wherever there is running water, they can deliver ozone that fights bacteria and viruses, disinfects and adds healthy oxygen to water, kills yeast and mold on foods and contact surfaces, and chemically attacks iron, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, nitrites, and complex organic contaminants in water.

Up to 90% of the ozone produced by the Tri-Oxy® PURE is dissolved into home water with the Venturi Injection System that produces roughly 1 gram of ozone for each liter of water. The Tri-Oxy® PURE water ozonator systems are  easy to install and flexible enough to be used in any kitchen, garden, or bathroom. Each ozone system provides sufficient concentrations of ozone that can be distributed between multiple sinks and water outlets inside homes, semi-commercial kitchens, and medical clinics. Minimal plumbing knowledge / experience is all it takes to get it installed. If you need a smaller, less expensive device for use in a single family home or apartment that produces lower volumes of ozonated water, shop the Tri-Oxy® FRESH Water Ozonator here.