Why is Using Ozone Generators and Ozone Systems and Drinking Ozonated Water So Important? ozone-tri-oxy-fresh-and-tri-oxy-pure.png

Having optimum oxygen levels is essential to maintaining the body's toxic waste elimination process and ensuring proper consumption of the nutrients received from food and supplementsWith amounts of clean oxygen in the air we breathe gradually decreasing, everyone can now boost the oxygen metabolism in their body and increase their energy levels by drinking water infused with ozone gas (ozonated water).

Ozone is an active state of oxygen made up of 3 oxygen atoms (O3) that has the ability to kill microbes in the bloodstream and boost the body's immune system. Daily consumption of ozonated water positively impacts human health by increasing the body's oxygen levels and is even used as a supplemental cancer treatment method. Ozonated water can also be utilized for hand washing, since ozone kills bacteria and viruses due to its natural sanitizing effect but does not leave any toxic residue behind. 

Ozone generators and ozone systems, such as Tri-Oxy® FRESH and Tri-Oxy® COMPLETE are innovative devices that produce ozonated water in the comfort of your home. These small / medium-sized ozone generators ozonate water for drinking, washing hands, and cleaning fresh foods and surfacesLarger ozone systems, such as Tri-Oxy® COMPLETE Ozone System, create enough on-demand ozonated water via the home's water line for use in a laundry room, shower, or even in a garden!