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Sauna Accessories

Complement Your Sauna Experience with a Wide Variety of Sauna Accessories

Sauna accessories from Creatrix Solutions will complement your near infrared sauna lamps or bundle purchase and enhance your comfort during sauna sessions. They are non-toxic, high quality products that will increase the benefits of home sauna therapy for you and your loved ones.

  • Pre-Sauna Skin Brushing: With increased sweat volumes, sauna detoxification happens faster. Use the natural bristle dry skin brush before stepping into the sauna. It will encourage more sweating during every sauna session.
  • STAY SAFE™ Eye Protection Glasses: Protect yourself from damage to the eyes caused by long-term exposure to near infrared sauna light with the STAY SAFE infrared protection glasses. This is something no NIR sauna owner should ever be without.
  • Breathe Safe™ Sauna Ion Generator: Boost oxygen levels, cleanse the air, and generate negative ions inside your sauna tent, thus multiplying the benefits of every sauna session. 
  • Natural Wood Sauna Seating: Alder and poplar sauna stools are perfect for any home or portable sauna, since both of them last very well in the extreme sauna heat and do not outgas dangerous chemicals found in other types of seating while you take your sauna.