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Air Purifiers

Combine oxygen and air purification with plasma and negative ions 

Breathe Safe and ION Brite air purifiers

Plasma and negative ions both naturally purify the air that we breathe and possess numerous additional health benefits. They reduce harmful substances and eliminate odors oftentimes present in homes and indoor areas, as well as remove bacteria, toxins and contaminants. This is vital for optimal human health since it reduces the risk of serious, life-threatening illnesses. 

The ION Brite anion generating LED light bulbs and the Breathe Safe portable air purifier use the power of plasma, "the natural vitamin of air", while also adding healthy amounts of negative ions to the mix. Unlike expensive air filters, they purify indoor air effectively, quietly, and safely by combining these two alternative air purification solutions. 

  • The Breathe Safe is a portable oxygen booster and plasma generator that produces millions of negative ions that act as air cleaning agents. It helps increase oxygen levels in your home or car by 70-118% in only five minutes and is great for generating anions during your sauna sessions.  
  • The ION Brite bulbs are mercury-free, energy-saving anion LED light bulbs that also quietly work as tiny, filter-less air purifiers with the simple flip of a light switch.