Tri-Oxy FRESH and Tri-Oxy REFRESH - Unboxing and Assembly

Eileen Durfee: Hi everyone, my name is Eileen Durfee and I'm here to explain what you get from the Tri-Oxy FRESH and then Tri-Oxy REFRESH. The FRESH is the ozone generator. It makes ozone gas that we pump through tubes into a diffuser that goes into a liquid like water. This is the diffuser that comes with a filter cap that you screw on here. And then you can hook the tube from any ozone generator onto it.

So, let's go over what comes in each. The Tri-Oxy FRESH is an 800 mg/hr ozone generator, and it's generated from corona discharge. So, it takes ambient air to generate ozone gas. So, with corona discharge, you're able to make stronger concentrations of ozone, that work great for ozonating water, for drinking, cleaning vegetables, maybe doing an enema. If you're going to leave the house, you can turn this on and let it discharge into the air and to clean the air. But other than that, this is not a medical grade unit. It is not fed by oxygen tanks, it is not good for insufflation because it still produces 0.003% nitric acid, which you cannot use in medical grade, but it's sufficient for cleaning foods, making them safe and using ozonated water for drinking.

So, it comes with two different silicone tubes. After maybe about a year, this is going to start to turn yellow, so you have an extra one that you can replace. But as long as the gas moves through it, it's still good. So literally, you could use the tubes for years. It comes with a remote control. You can either turn on the unit with the touchpad here and you can up and down the ozone or you can turn on up and down with intermittent timing with the remote. So, I just set it for 10 minutes, and then it will start pumping ozone gas out this hole which we don't want to discharge it in the air when we are, you know here to breathe it. So, I'm not going to let it go through the cycle. And then what you would do with this is, take a tube and put it on that port and then you would choose an Ozone Diffuser.

This kit comes with three diffusers. These are about 150 microns stone diffusers, meaning the holes or the pores in the stone are 150 microns. So, these make larger bubbles of air. Now the smaller the hole, the smaller the bubble, the more surface area, the quicker you can saturate water with ozone gas. So, water only holds so much ozone. There's like a saturation limit. So, to save the life of the ozone generator, it's great to have smaller holes. This is 50 to 60 and its stainless steel, you know FDA-approved. That's a really good diffuser because it's going to be a lot quicker, like 10 times quicker of saturating your ozone.

So instead of running this thing for 30 minutes, you can run it for five minutes and do the same work. But there's times when you like these bigger balls, like I’ll fill up like half my sink, and then throw in a bunch of vegetables and things like that. And I'll put the stone diffuser in there. And then I'll turn on the exhaust fan to exhaust out the extra ozone gas and then I leave and I'm doing something else. So, then I come back after you know because I've set it for a predetermined time. So, then there's no ozone gas in the house to breathe, but my water is saturated with ozone gas and it's cleaning my vegetables, making them safe. And then I can just swish the vegetables.

For instance, E. coli is a common pathogen where food will be recalled maybe on lettuce or even on strawberries, but it only takes 0.1 parts per million of dissolved ozone to kill it in 15 seconds. Now this machine is going to make 1.5 parts per million, not 0.1. So, it's 10 times as much. So, we're literally talking in seconds for it to destroy these pathogens that are on our food that can literally kill us. So, you can make them safe. You can take the burden off of your immune system.