Gina's Testimony: How Sauna Fix Helps Overcome Lyme Disease


Gina: I was diagnosed with Lyme disease a little over a year ago and around the same time, I met Eileen’s daughter. When she heard about my diagnosis, she told me that her mom had all kinds of different ways that could help me with my health and healing. And so, I was really interested in finding out about the sauna fix and how it could help me. With Lyme disease, there's lots of what's called die off. And so, as the bacteria is killed in your body, you have lots of symptoms that can be really hard to handle. And the sauna fix is great because it helps with those die off symptoms.

It helps with pain. It just helps your body recover from all of that die off that's going on. So, it helps you sweat and detox all of those things out of your body. The sauna fix is really easy to set up. It takes less than 10 minutes for me and I can do it all by myself, which is great. I also currently live in a small apartment. So, the fact that it fits in my apartment is another bonus for me. I also am a mom to three kids and it's great that I can be able to use my sauna night or day from home. I don't have to go anywhere, to a gym and have a membership to be able to use my sauna every day.