Dry Brushing

Detox and Rejuvenate Your Skin with the Natural Bristle Skin Brush

Dry skin brushing is an excellent way to stimulate mucus expulsion and loosen toxins that plug your lymphatic system.

Body Detox Brush & Beauty Set from Creatrix Solutions

How to properly dry brush:

  1. Brush the sole of a foot and work up the front and back of the same leg and up your buttocks. Then repeat on the other leg.
  2. Starting with the fingertips, brush your hands and arms. Brush the palms, then the back of your hands, then move up to the armpits.
  3. Brush your shoulders and back (as much as you can reach). Brush down your neck.
  4. Brush your chest and move toward your heart. Do not brush broken skin, underarms, breasts, nipples, or other sensitive areas.
  5. With circular clockwise motions, brush your stomach to stimulate the colon activity.
  6. Brush until your skin feels warm (around 5 minutes), but less will be fine too if you’re short on timeAfter this, take a sauna or a hydrotherapy bath.
  7. Always wash your skin and skin brush in warm soapy water after completing the procedure.

Be sure to only skin brush on dry skin prior to taking a bath or shower.