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Ionic Sauna Booster

Get Naturally Clean Air with Plasma and Negative Ions

Purify the Air with Breathe SafePlasma is the fourth state of matter that consists of both positive and negative ions that make it easier, when combined, for the lungs to absorb oxygen. They are invisible, extremely reactive, effective at clearing the air from harmful substances, and therefore are often called "the vitamins of the air." They easily remove bacteria, mold, dust, pollen, viruses, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) by weakening their molecular structure and making them less harmful.

You can bring the power of negative ions and plasma into your home and enrich your breathing zone with clean air by using a powerful plasma generator. It is crucial to do something to make the air more breathable, and the Breathe Safe, a portable plasma generator and air purifier that generates millions of beneficial ions in the perfect ratio for air purification and even boosts oxygen levels, can help you with that. You can use this lightweight device with you everywhere, and that includes your sauna sessions. It works from any power source, from a wall adapter through a car cigarette lighter to an external battery pack.

You get to decide how much plasma you want the Breathe Safe to release. Three possible cycling options allow you to have continuous plasma, 2 minutes of plasma and 1 minute without, or 1 minute of plasma and 2 minutes without in your sauna. It has a solid light indicator a more stable circuit board than the previous model. So even when the voltage fluctuates, it keeps producing oxygen detrimental for the success of your sauna therapy.