NIR Safety Glasses

Enjoy the Health Benefits of NIR Sauna Sessions While Keeping Your Eyes Safe

A near infrared sauna session, such as the one you can get with the Sauna Fix NIR Sauna Lamp, can be an absolutely relaxing and therapeutic experience, but it's very important to be cautious and protect your eyes from dangerous infrared light rays while you’re enjoying your NIR sauna session and detoxing. Human eyes won't close or blink to prevent direct impact from infrared rays due to the invisibility of infrared light. Long ocular exposure to IR rays without appropriate eye protection can be extremely harmful to the eyes and result in the development of cataracts, retinal burns, corneal ulcers, eyelid reddening, transparency loss, long-term or permanent eye damage, impaired vision, blindness, and so on.

Investing in your eye protection and preventing the risk of eye damage while enjoying your sauna is crucial. This is why Creatrix Solutions offers NIR Sauna and Blue Light Protection Glasses – the best protective mechanism that blocks IR light rays (700-1400 nm spectrum, and much more) coming in contact with your eyes during a near infrared sauna session.

IR Guardian Near Infrared (NIR) Sauna Protection Glasses

The NIR Sauna and Blue Light Protection Glasses have polycarbonate lenses that cover an entire IPL 190-1800 nm of light. Besides that, they are UV400 protection rated and extremely lightweight. Plus, these glasses fit comfortably and are highly adaptable, so they can be used with other equipment that requires eye protection. No other tanning glasses, sunglasses, or glasses designed specifically for lasers will shield your eyes the same way or cover the extensive range of infrared light. Watch the video to learn more.

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