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Force Applicators - Chest and Hip

10.50 LBS

Force Applicators - Chest and Hip

Use anterior force and create leverage to shear back vertebrae and improve the curvature of your spine.   

Pelvic Tilt with the Power Cushion

Using the Chest and Hip Force Applicators with Power Cushion and its corresponding exercises are specifically designed to strengthen and condition the abdominal musculoskeletal complex, promoting overall health and athletic ability. Proper development of this complex is crucial for optimal joint placement and effective momentum generation.

Using the Power Cushion during sit-up and pelvic tilt exercises promotes proper muscle and bone training, while also positioning the spine for safe and strong function. Only with leverage created by using the Hip Force Applicators, the equipment helps segmentally place joints in the correct orthopedic position during pelvic tilt exercises.

Pelvic Tilt Performed with Power Cushion

Use the Power Cushion to properly perform the sit-up and pelvic tilt exercises. Visit the following links and/or download the free PDFs to learn how to correctly do these exercises with the equipment: 

The Power Cushion is designed to provide an effective exercise effect while promoting safe and strong spinal function. Performing sit-ups with the Power Cushion can train muscles and bones that they are attached to, optimizing the overall fitness of the abdominal musculoskeletal complex.

Additionally, performing pelvic tilts with the Power Cushion helps to segmentally place the joints of the complex in a position that is orthopedically correct, improving the overall posture and movement capabilities of the individual.

After using the Power Cushion, athletes have said...

  • “I feel taller, lighter and stronger.”
  • “I feel like I could run through a wall, my back feels strong.”
  • “My speed and flexibility in my hamstrings have improved. I feel like I am running effortlessly.”

History of the Power Cushion

The Power Cushion was first developed in the 1980s by a team of experts in professional football and Olympic training. The equipment underwent extensive scientific trials before being introduced to the market. Since its introduction, the Power Cushion has been used successfully by several NFL teams, including the Patriots, Giants, Cowboys, and Jets, and is renowned for improving overall physicality and posture.

In 2000, the Power Cushion was introduced to the Patriots' medial training room and quickly became a highly prized secret within the professional football community. Players utilized the equipment in both the weight room and training room, with athletic trainer Ron O'Neil noting that it even improved their posture.

The Patriots continued to use the Power Cushion until the end of their 2008 season. Former Patriots trainer Marcus Paul then brought his experience with the equipment to the New York Giants, where they won the Super Bowl, and later to the Dallas Cowboys. These four teams are the only ones familiar with and utilizing Dr. Scherger's training methods.

The Patriots and Cowboys in particular appeared to dominate other NFL teams in terms of physicality, which supports Dr. Scherger's mission of achieving superior physicality through improved global and segmental posture.

The Power Cushion has longevity: every person who was part of the original abdominal musculoskeletal training research team has continued to use the same kind of exercises and apply the same methods used in the developmental of this equipment. 

Force Applicators

This item comes with two each chest and hip force applicators that clamp onto an ordinary 1" or 2" barbell.  The padded force applicators comfortably rest on the body.  The chest pads rotate longitudinally and in and out to fit over peck muscles and breasts comfortably.  The hip pads only rotate longitudinally and rest on the iliac crest bones.