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Baja Gold Sea Salt - INTL

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Baja Gold Sea Salt  - INTL

Baja Gold Sea Salt is as equally delicious as it is nutritious!

This all-natural, unrefined sea salt, is packed full of essential minerals and trace elements, and comes from a divine estuary in the Sea of Cortez, located in Baja, Mexico. It was created by Baja natives who used salt-making traditions that have been proven effective and inherited from generation to generation. High salt quality is guaranteed with the purchase of Baja Gold. 

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The making of Baja Gold:

Baja Gold is created when tides deliver new sea water into the estuary, and the dehydration process begins with the intense solar heat and dry desert winds. The water evaporates right away to form a very concentrated sea water solution. Once the solution is at the right concentration level, it is transferred to evaporation or crystallization ponds, where the intense heat evaporates leftover water to form salt.

There are 90 minerals and trace elements found in the water from Sea of Cortez, as well as over 50,000 natural organic compounds. The specific salt-making technique used for Baja Gold guarantees that all the minerals and trace elements from the sea water are also present in the salt. 

How Baja Gold is unique:  

Baja Gold Sea Salt is naturally low in sodium chloride, and it remains untouched after it solidifies. This differs from the procedure used by international salt companies, which includes washing the salt to result in pure white crystals. This process removes the minerals and trace elements and produces 97-99% sodium chloride. 

This salt has exceptional flavor because of its mineral content, including calcium, potassium, and magnesium, and its trace elements, such as gold, yttrium, and zinc. Health experts understand that Baja Gold is full of minerals and trace elements that are essential to a healthy lifestyle, although they are commonly not found in the average diet. 

Gourmet chefs love the exciting dimensions of flavor that come with the addition of Baja Gold Sea Salt to their food. Baja Gold elevates the gastronomic value with fantastic taste and soft texture. 

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This Baja Gold sea salt is available for International customers. U.S. residents who wish to purchase Baja Gold can do so here.