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Healthy Salt by Creatrix Solutions (2 oz)

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Healthy Salt (2 oz)

Alkalize, Hydrate and Energize with Healthy Salt from Creatrix Solutions

Alkalize, Detox, Energize, and Hydrate Your Body with Healthy Salt from Creatix Solutions

Healthy Salt, dubbed a "miracle salt", is a delicious addition to any person's diet. This salt provides the body with more minerals than any other kind of food salt, all while also alkalizing, detoxifying, hydrating, and energizing the body. Healthy Salt originated as an Oriental Folk remedy, where for thousands of years, the process of eliminating toxins to enhance salt was passed down between generations in secret. Healthy Salt was not defined in application, scientific analysis, or production methods, or application until recently.  

There is a common belief that food salt is not nutritious, therefore; many people avoid adding it to their diet. A diet without food salt can actually negatively impact a person's health, due to the fact that salt is necessary for the body's most vital organs to function. If salt is absent in the diet, the body is unable to shield itself from germ invasion. A proper and healthful salt cleanses the blood, enhances liver function, and helps with toxic removal from the body's organs and cells. Laboratory test results show that Healthy Salt is the best option for a food salt that provides the most benefits, even compared to Himalayan Pink salt.

Naturalists have been aware of sea salt's benefits compared to processed and commercially used table salt that is so often found in homes. Regular sea salt does contain more than 80 minerals, but it also is full of harmful substances, including hundreds of toxins. Healthy Salt is a superior choice to sea salt, and is also the best option for Sole water. The creation process of Healthy Salt takes over three years, and all the harmful impurities and majority of toxins are taken out without any negative impact on the minerals. Healthy Salt is alkaline, purified, and is the only food salt available that contains the necessary energy to balance the body, as well as the full spectrum of minerals. 

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Benefits of Healthy Salt:  

  • Helps absorb food particles in the intestinal tract.
  • Helps alleviate sinus congestion.
  • Helps produce hydroelectric energy in the body’s cells.
  • Helps regulate normal blood sugar levels.
  • Helps relieve mucus and sticky phlegm in the lungs.
  • Helps relieve muscle cramps, pain, and spasms.
  • Helps remove excess acidity from the body’s cells.
  • Supports consistent heartbeat with critical minerals.
  • Supports normal blood pressure combined with water.

How is Healthy Salt made? 

Healthy Salt is created with natural ingredients, and a process that includes heat treating, spraying, and washing, to alkalinize, energize, and purify the salt in order to eliminate heavy metals and harmful toxins. There are no anti-caking agents in the salt. The salt is acquired from a high-energy-and-mineral sea salt mine, and then re-located to a shaded area for up to three years. This is done so the salt can naturally be rid of brine, which is full of chemicals, gas, toxins, waste, and more. The salt is sprayed with water, and dried several times to help rinse off impurities. Herbs and secret natural ingredients are also mixed in with the salt. It is then placed into a container that is specifically designed to treat the salt with a high temperature flame. This process to burn off all the harmful substances may take several days.

Ingredients: Purified, highly energized, mineral rich, traditionally mined, small granule low moisture sea salt. Please remember that since Healthy Salt is an all-natural food salt, there may occasionally be small clumps of salt granules.  

How to Use

Recommended Use: Take1/16 tsp by mouth, 3-5 times per day. Let the salt slowly dissolve in saliva, swish around for as long as possible (at least 60 seconds), and swallow a little at a time.  Or salt food to taste. 

Healthy Salt may also be applied topically as part of a paste made with the salt and distilled water. Add a few drops of liquid per each teaspoon of the salt, and mix them together to create a paste. To use, apply the salt paste directly onto clean body parts. You can add honey to the paste to make it thicker. You may also use Healthy Salt in the eye, nose, or ear. Dissolve one part Healthy Salt with two to three parts distilled water. Drain with a coffee filter. Use an eye dropper to dispense the solution, a few drops at a time, into the specific body part. You may also put the solution on cotton and place it inside the nose or ear. Let the solution soak in, and repeat as often as needed.

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